Crysis 2 Vs. COD Black Ops: A Disappointment

By Peter Chubb - Jan 26, 2011

Crysis 2 has a lot to live up to from its predecessor, but it is COD Black Ops that could make things a little tough for the game. The bar has been set high, which we we recently explained. However, a recent comparison between the demo of the upcoming FPS and the recent Call of Duty game could spoil things.

It seems that Crysis 2 is a bit of a disappointment, and NowGamer has listed 5 reasons why. Let us get one thing straight first; this is just a demo so there will be improvements. However, playing a demo is always a good enough gauge to see how well a game will perform, and it seems that Electronic Arts still has some work to do.

In the mini-review we are asked not to get too excited about a game that is said to be a cross between Halo and Call Of Duty, as you will be disappointed. We can clearly see that a number of elements have been taken from each game, but it is the implementation of them that needs some work.

Do not let the negatives of the game put you off, as you will be pleased with some of the positives. One such positive is the speed and agility of the game – not as real as Black Ops, but awesome nevertheless.

Crysis 2 Beta was released yesterday for PS3, and Lazygamer has spent a little bit of time with the game. They seem to contradict what NowGamer has said, as they believe that Crysis performs just as well as Halo Reach and Black Ops. Do not take their word for it, download the beta now and let us now you thoughts?

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  • Kat


    “Stupid red dot sights”? Just so you know, today’s military has been using Red Dot sights, ACOG scopes, and Reflex Sights for quite some time now. It’s not some fake thing made up by a video game, they are real. They’re definately a whole lot better than standard iron sights.

    Also: I do not play Call of Duty… I played Black Ops, and that’s the only one I actually enjoyed out of the entire CoD franchise. I’m a Halo and Crysis guy for life. 🙂

  • Matthew

    You people do know this is not a demo, this is a BETA. Much different. I was one of the unlucky people who couldn't even load a game because I was using WiFi. And for people who say this isn't like Call of Duty, everything is identical, only difference is the engine and the nano suit.

    It's the same controls, same looking guns with stupid "red dot" sights. I personally hate all Call of Duty games, and when I finally was able to play this game, 5 minutes later I deleted it. Crytek went from making an amazing game to playing it safe and making what the "sheep" will buy.

    • Treh

      What the "sheep" will buy? Yah thats exactly there plan, to make a game that the "sheep" will buy…
      And saying that Crysis 2 is identical to black ops… LOL have you even played Call of Duty recently its absolute garbage. Sure ive got a 2.31 KD and 9th prestige in just over 6 days play time but its not hard to tell that even Crysis 2 Beta is better then Call of Duty. IMO Activision ruined Call of Duty by letting Treyarch make another Call of Duty and firing Infinity Wards top people.

  • It looks good. It plays good. The mechanics are difficult at 1st but a little focus and you will be tearing around wiping folk out.

    I think its more realistic than COD, which was a joke of a game. Halo is Halo, no comparison necessary.

    Crysis 2 is bringing Stealth/Tank/Jaguar Speed with excellent weaponry
    , great customisation and probably the best multi-tired game-play in an FPS Ive seen so far. Its a little too fast paced for me (I usually play sniper in FPS). I just hope they have larger maps too.

  • Ben

    The Crysis 2 demo is sweet, just wish it had more maps and played a bit smoother but whatevs. I wish more games played like it, instead of like cod.

  • scott

    i played a few matches on xbox last night, it was good. the graphics look good and the gameplay is ok. it seemed to move alot slower than black ops but it is just a beta. im sure i will buy the game as im sure they will have it working much smother

  • stevey778

    This annoyes me so much! People comparying new games towards cod, most games weren't made just to beat it…

  • Bwest

    Love this game! Plays like a COD Halo Hybrid…they do however need to work on the physical attack system, kind of cheap…

  • marhorn

    Oh has the demo been released for the ps3? No! You lie!