Breach: Xbox 360 / PC Game Review Round-Up

By Tina Chubb - Jan 26, 2011

Atomic Games’ first-person multiplayer shooter Breach was released for Xbox Live Arcade and Microsoft Windows today, and it looks like the reviews have been quick to start appearing. In fact, it looks like the game has been getting a pretty good response from the critics.

The first review we came across is from Martin Baker over at Martin gave the Breach game an overall score of 84/100, and claimed that it’s one of the best looking XBLA games he’s ever seen. One of the downsides he mentioned however was the lack of a single-player mode.

Meanwhile, Jim Girgenti from gave the game an impressive 8.5 out of 10, and claimed it to be one of the best arcade shooters on the market today. One downside according to Jim is the fact that there’s not much room for quick aim sniping, which leaves snipers vulnerable close up.

However, one of the things that appeared to impress him is the way that players earn more XP for killing someone that’s a higher level than themselves. Another review we took a look at is from Greg Giddens over on the website.

As Greg notes, there may not be a huge amount of game modes offered in Breach, but the variety is good enough. The overall score given by Greg, who described Breach as fun and addictive, was a 6/10. The final review comes from Neil Aldis over at

Neil also seemed impressed with the XP system in Breach, describing it as a nice touch. Although he did go on to mention a few of the problems he experienced, which included the game crashing several times and lag. You can read the full reviews via the links above.

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  • kcoen

    I really like this game. yes it has caused my xbox to crash every time i play it but i like it!

    Its not servers it player hosted games and its the game fault from the get go. lag can be really bad and games restart every couple of minutes with people lag switching (lots of it so far) and just hosting on bad connections. also there is a lot of camping going on but that is down the the players, COD has a lot to answer for encouraging people to camp to get kill streaks and now its the way they play any shooting game.

    The controls are not a slick as they should be and seems to be extremely hard to nail anyone who is moving at pace whether you are using the m4 or a sniper. The support class is not for anything other than suppressing fire.

    i would like to see atomic games support and update this title with a Spawning system where you can spawn on team players or choose an area. there is little selection of area and not much time to choose.

    this game reminds me of the old Counter Strike but with destructibility , with the right crowd of players on here i will play this a lot.

    A great alternative to COD and much better than the XBLA Blacklight tango down game. this is my new favourite game next to Halo Reach and Bad Company 2.

    1200 ms credits is a tad much though and could do with more maps.


  • Jack

    I like how all the rubbish reviewing firms of jumped in first. Jim Girgenti said there wasn't much room for quick scoping leaving snipers vulnerable up close? Well yeah, Snipers are meant to shoot from afar?
    Clearly he's only ever played CoD

  • brade

    cool game

    • Bob


  • Bob

    some severs lag im sure they will fix the problem some day

  • Bob

    fun but has problems