Verizon iPhone 4: Unlimited Data Plan Price Revealed

By Jamie Pert - Jan 25, 2011

On January 11th Verizon Wireless officially announced their iPhone 4 release, two weeks have now passed therefore I am sure some of you will be eager to find out details regarded data plan pricing etc, luckily for you we have that information for you today.

Verizon has now announced that they will offer iPhone 4 buyers a $30 unlimited data plan, Verizon’s chief operating officer revealed this news recently and explained that if Verizon did not offer an unlimited data plan it might have deterred customers who were looking to switch from AT&T to “Big Red”.

This news might see a reaction from AT&T in an attempt to keep customers, last year AT&T scrapped their unlimited plans in favor of a $25 per month plan which gives customers 2GB of data, as Mashable point out Verizon’s iPhone 4 can also act as a WiFi hotspot, whereas AT&T’s iPhone 4 does not offer this feature, it is unclear if Verizon will charge for the WiFi hotspot functionality, however AT&T charge $20 per month for tethering.

It is plain to see that Verizon’s iPhone 4 deals are looking increasing desirable over AT&T’s offerings, if the WiFi hotspot functionality is offered for equal to, or less than AT&T’s tethering pricing I really fail to see why people would choose AT&T over Verizon (excluding a lack of coverage).

What do you think of Verizon unlimited data plan pricing? Do you think AT&T need to react?

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  • Is this “unlimited” plan capped at 5G ?

    • ashrum

      mostly likely its since it is the same price. That is Verizon's trick call it unlimited but terminate your service if you go over 5gb. Under some ridiculous claim that if you are using that much data be doing something illegal on the connection, all so that that can use it as a way to terminate you contract and get rid of the heavy bandwidth users on their network so they can keep it running fast with out spending money in upgrading the equipment, which is what is needed as society is becoming more and more technologically based and everything we do needs constant high speed internet connections and in comparison to the rest of the world that has huge fiber optic infrastructures ours is meager in comparison