Top Gear Car Show in 2011: Schedule and Tickets

The Top Gear Live Show, or Festival as some people are now calling it will have a bit of a revamp for 2011. It was a known fact that things were starting to get a little stale, but this year there will be a host of new features. The first event of the year will be held in Brisbane on March 4-6.

The schedule is not that busy, the next events will be on 11-14 March 2011 in Melbourne, 17-20 March 2011 in Johannesburg and 24-27 March 2011 in Oslo. We are not certain if any more dates will be added; visit the Top Gear Live website to keep informed of future event dates.

When you visit the website just select which country you wish to see the show and then follow the link that will take you to a selected website. It is there where you will have all the details you need on the event, as well at prices for tickets. Prices vary depending on what kind of ticket you want.

The regular Top Gear team from the hit BBC show will be live at the event, so if you love watching Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May act like idiots, then you are in luck. This has to be one of my favorites shows on at the moment, I just love the specials when thy have to take part in a challenge.

For fan reactions and up to date news then visit Top Gear Live Facebook or Twitter page.



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