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Sony PSP2: World’s First Image, Or a Professional Fake?

Stop what you’re doing right now, as we could have the world’s first genuine image of the upcoming Sony PSP2 handheld system, just days before Sony is expected to announce it officially. The question is though, is it real or a fake?

The image has been uploaded over at Kotaku, and apparently surfaced over at 2ch – Japan’s largest online forum. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the picture.

This could well be a photoshop, but we’ll presume that it’s real until we hear otherwise. Sony has already responded to the image, by saying ‘we don’t comment on rumor and speculation’ – interesting, since they could have flat out denied it if they wanted to send out a message.

What we see here is a slide out design similar to the PlayStation Phone, two analogue sticks as previously leaked and similar control options to the PS phone as well. We also see an SD card, a stylus for the touchscreen display and also, a memory stick-type storage option which could be a brand new media specific to the PSP2.

Definitely exciting stuff for sure. We’ll obviously update you if we hear any more news on this image, but for now give us your reaction to what ‘could’ be, the very first image of the PSP2.



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