Sony PSP2: Price Fears after PS3 Performance Spec?

By Alan Ng - Jan 25, 2011

For those of you who are planning to buy the PSP2 handheld console from Sony this year, you’ll be pleased to hear that another source within the industry has publicly stated that the system is as powerful as a PS3.

If you had read the report last month which suggested that the upcoming handheld would be able to run Uncharted 3, you were probably thinking at the time that it would be impossible.

But now, Codemasters boss Rod Cousens has backed up claims of the PSP2’s power, with the following statement:

“In portable areas you’re going to have statements, which already out in the press, saying PlayStation Portable 2 is as powerful as the PlayStation 3 – which is true.”

If Cousens is to be believed, then we can’t wait to see what Sony announce this week at their special conference in Japan on Thursday – Just imagine for a second guys, a PS3 sitting in the palm of your hands could be a reality before the end of the year.

However, as we all know too well, the PSP2 is unlikely to come in at an affordable price point. If the system can indeed manage to churn out games of PS3 quality, then Sony are obviously going to command a very high price for it – so don’t be surprised if the PSP 2 ends up more expensive than the current price for a PS3 console – $299.99 at least.

What are your thoughts on the price for the PSP2? What price do you think Sony will announce for it?

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  • james braselton

    hi there $999.99 is for 999 red ballons that go by

  • james braselton

    hi there device web site posted psp 2 price $600 vs 3ds price $250 i hope psp 2 price be around $350 too $530 soo i have mony too buy both 3ds plus psp 2 this is going be a very expencive year for my hard core gaming it going cost a minum of $1,000 for consoles games 3d movies on 3ds vertual console gsmes plus a 256 gb macbook air $1,599

  • james braselton

    hi there device web site posted psp 2 price $600 vs 3ds price $250

  • knowledgable

    If you realize how much of the ps3s processing power is reserved specifically to render in 1080p, you would also realize that psp2 IS fully capable of ps3 graphics, do some research, & wait to make comments untill you KNOW, otherwise you just look like a fool in the end!

  • PSP2_will_cost

    Nine hundred and ninety nine US Dollars

  • John

    So a handheld that costs as much as a PS3 console but with less features… Hmmm…

  • Mitch

    Less pixels, higher pixel density, five years of technological advancement, less complex audio for handhelds…

    When you consider these subjects, getting something that you perceive to be of PS3 quality on that smaller screen is quite plausible.

  • barry

    I'm definitely interested in the PSP2 but Sony is doing themselves a huge disservice by setting everyones expectations so high. It's highly unlikely it will have the power of the PS3 so even though it's probably great, people will be disappointed when it's not as good as a PS3. Why do this?

    It's like they learned nothing from the failed promises they made before the PS3 launched. PS3 will support two TVs. No it doesn't. All games will be 1080p. No, most are only 720p and it can't even upscale everything to 1080 like the 360 does. And who can forget the rendered Killzone video.

    • John

      I don't know what you mean, KZ2 surpassed the target render graphically (however not in animations) and also upscaling a game does nothing for image quality like higher polygon counts, higher res. textures and effects that PS3 exclusives have over any 360 game out there… the PS3 has pumped out games that nothing on the 360 can match graphically for years now. There is still yet a title to reach Uncharted 1 graphically and that was years ago now. Sony are the console leaders in terms of power, graphics and exclusives, it's likely the same could well happen with the PSP2

  • Chauvez

    True, true…
    that would be awesum, but doubtfull, :/
    either way… like the picture showcasing the idea of the psp2 as a ps3 in your pocket XD