Killzone 3 Guns: Full List of Weapons – Are you satisfied?

By Alan Ng - Jan 25, 2011

We have a real treat for those of you planning to buy Killzone 3 on the PlayStation 3 next month, as the developers for the game have just posted an entire list of what weapons will be featured in the game, complete with individual information on each one.

As expected, there are lots of weapons to choose from, with a healthy list of sub-machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and rocket launchers. The StA-X6 Jetpack is also listed there, as well as a couple of sentry turrets which will be available for Engineers depending on which faction you choose to be.

For those of you who choose the Helghast class, there will be a StA-62 Minigun waiting for you. While its main function is for use during stationary mode, the Sta-62 can also be dismounted and carried around – we can imagine the fun you’re gonna have with this one. Obviously, it will slow you down though during use, so proceed with caution.

Don’t forget you’ll also get vehicles to play around with in Killzone 3. One of the new addtions is the LS209 Exoskeleton, which comes equipped with a heavy machine gun and rocket launcher – District 9 style.

This looks like the full list to us, but Guerilla may have a few more surprises in store. Head to the PS Blog here to view the full list of weapons and their descriptions. Have a read through and let us know your opinions on the choices. Are you satisfied with their list, or were you hoping for some more weapons / vehicles.

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  • Jazzuchivellezide

    I hope that in the next installment of the killzone series the creators will add in other kind of robots for us to kill-including bot-dogs and bugs. i would also be very pleased if they added other kinds of grenades, snipers rifles and wicked guns like the boltgun, W.A.S. and the petrucite-gun. i also want to see more of the same intense gameplay and huge machine-boss battles as in the campaign, and kill-cam for the online and offline multiplayer so you can tell where you made a mistake. i really love killzone and would love to see it flourish. if these things i stated could be included in the next installment-i swear i will by killzone underpants! 

  • Jazzuchi vellezide

    i really wish that the producers at Guerrella games will allow us to carry two assualt rifle in the the next installment of the killzone series. i am a huge fan of the game, but i have a problem with carrying just one rifle and a pistol. they should let it be optional to carry a pistol and a machine gun or both of each.