Cars Mechanics Hate: Honda and Toyota

When choosing a new car you have to think about what is best for you and your family, so one that will not need much maintenance will be ideal for you. However, it is these cars that mechanics hate the most, as they will not be in their workshop much. It is Toyota and Honda that is seen as the most reliable – even after all those recalls.

MSN Autos believes that mechanics love it when they see a car pull up outside and see smoke bellowing out or sounding a bit rough, but is something that happens less likely with certain cars. It is those makes that will not make them any profit, apart from the occasional oil change.

In the list we can see that there is one Toyota and two Honda’s, those models are the Yaris, CR-V and the Fit. I cannot speak for the fist two, but I have had the latter on hire for a few weeks and it seemed like a well-built vehicle and can understand why it would not need to spend much time with the hood up.

As for the Honda CR-V, this vehicle was recently voted one of the best five Japanese cars. Honda has still had a poor record with recalls over the past year or so, but we do not recall any CR-V’s being involved. The Globe and Mail has also been looking at the most reliable cars, and it was the Porsche Boxster that topped the chart – no doubt mechanics will hate that model too?

What car do you think has been the most reliable over the years?



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