Black Ops Title Update 6 / Patch 1.06 Hitting Xbox 360 Shortly

By Jamie Pert - Jan 25, 2011

Earlier today we posted an article which told our readers that patch 1.06 for the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops was now live, now we have some details regarding the Xbox 360 title update.

According to Treyarch‘s community manager title update 6 for the Xbox 360 version of Black Ops will hit Xbox Live “shortly”, obviously the word shortly is pretty vague, however we would imagine that it means at some point today.

You can see the Tweet which revealed this news below, as you can see it was quite a few hours ago, therefore don’t be too surprised if the patch hits your Xbox 360 pretty soon.

We do not have a list of changes for the Xbox 360 update, however chances are they will be similar to the full list of PS3 changes, perhaps the biggest change is that people will only get assists for finishing off enemies on second chance, whilst the person who put the enemy on second chance in the first place will get the kill once then downed enemy has been finished off.

Let us know in the comments section below if and when you receive the update.

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