Black Ops Patch 1.06: PS3 Update Live – Full List Of Changes

By Jamie Pert - Jan 25, 2011

Treyarch’s Community Manager has recently revealed that a new patch is being rolled out for the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, this is patch 1.06 and there is a long-list of changes to gameplay and issues fixed, additionally there are also a couple of new features.

Let’s start with the two new features, now there are more contracts added to the rotation and also if you are playing LAN / system-link games there is a pre-match timer, nothing too exciting, however both are small changes which slightly improve the game.

You can see a full list of all of the issues addressed here, in this article I will mention what I believe to be the most important issues fixed, however for JD 2020’s full forum post check out this link.

There’s a long-list of connection related issues that have now been fixed, therefore on the whole multiplayer gaming should be more stable, also the game’s leaderboards feature has been improved, the only other specific change worth mentioning relates to contracts, apparently some of these have been fixed.

Some of the gameplay tuning changes are quite vague, we can confirm that there have been adjustments made to silenced sniper rifles, RCXD, AK74U and PSG1, also hit markers have been removed when shooting friendly equipment. Perhaps the most welcomed change is with the way that Second Chance works, now if you put an enemy into Second Chance you will get the full kill once that enemy dies, if someone else finishes off that enemy they will get an assist.

Do you like the sound of the change to Second Chance?

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  • benb

    does is update automatically?

  • UndYin

    They fixed alot of the connection issues with host migration and dropping out of games for no reason, they still haven't fix the excessive use of the GPU in black ops yet, (the 2 red light error when it overheats)

    If you have had this problem you can download Black ops to your harddrive and it wont happen (unless youve completely screwed your xbox with it yet)

  • Bryan Chan

    So now we can play on online mode smoothly?

  • A_Killa16

    any idea what happend to the AK74u PSG1 and RCXD?

    • Jamie Pert

      No, Treyarch hasn't told us yet….

      • Anonymous

        The psg1 was a one shot from the waist up for a long time. The ak74u is a highly over powered weapon, and the rcxd could kill you through a wall on certain maps. all of the power levels have been modified, because everyone knows that in a firefight, the ak74u would leave you saying 'thats bullshit"

        • Rhodd o Dduw

          They have only adjusted the re-centre time for the AK74u with grip attachment. They haven’t changed anything else about it as far as I’m aware.

        • chuck6pak1

          adjusted it which way?

  • OwnageB3AST15

    I love that idea for 2nd chance

  • LionFox

    The second chance thing is good. Tired of people getting credit because someone in second chance got a lucky pistol shot on me. -_-

  • tazoome

    It makes me so mad I can't even spell stealing!!!

  • Sam

    this patch funked my sound

  • tazoome

    The 2nd chance change is AWESOME! I am sick of other players steeling my kills!