Black Ops First Strike DLC: Map Pack Images For PS3 / Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Jan 25, 2011

As most of you will be aware, especially Xbox 360 owners, the first map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops will be released on February 1st. Titled First Strike, it will add four brand new multiplayer maps to the game, as well as a new zombie map for you to get to grips with.

To get you warmed up for the release, Treyarch has given gamers another sneak peek at one of the new maps on offer, this time focusing on Stadium, giving you some all-new screenshots of the map as well as some background information.

Aside from Stadium, you’ll also get Berlin Wall, Kowloon, Discovery and the new zombie map titled Ascension – you can read about some new zombie weapons in our previous report here.

Treyarch has done a similar sneak peek for the Berlin Wall map, which you’ll find on page two of this Intel link. It doesn’t leave them long though to reveal details on the other maps, and we were hoping for a reveal trailer for Ascension as well – is that still happening Treyarch?

First Strike is out on Xbox 360 first on February 1st, priced at 1200MS points. Let us know if you’ll be getting it or not.

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  • jailyn

    ps3 is the best treyarch come on

  • Aarron

    guys it should come out the same day but it doiesnt i play ps3 add me, X-im_the_BOSS-x

  • guest

    Everybody just b quite and lets go play online.

  • matthew

    it should come out the same day for both

  • xl D-Ray lx

    i personaly like ps3 better, but no one system is better than another. Theres no reason to give one system something before another system of equal status. I think it is BS. Just because microsoft wants more money and decided to have people pay online, doesnt mean that you should give the 360 people the map pack before the ps3 players….its just down right bull shit.

    • jordan

      xbox playes are bashers 🙂 am on ps3 as well bigfella-888 all capiturs and on xbox you have to pay oline crap they just wont money

      • matthew

        they should come out the same day

  • bigD

    treyarch is the WORST wow i was looking foward 2 this map pack but of COURSE they just HAVE 2 give it 2 xbox just bcuz of the name even tho ps3 is better

  • Meh

    Ps3 is superior but I dont quite understand why they should be a month apart, I would accept 1-2 weeks but a month? Really?

  • Guest

    Microsoft paid to get exclusive first release guys. Nothing more.

  • BMK

    Go to the 'store' on your Live menu in B-Ops

  • keith

    well i am still waiting to get mine.loved to know how long got to wait???????

  • Kamil

    hey guys howw to get these maps??

  • xCoNtRoL_FrEaKzz

    so give ps3 it at the same time and dont descriminate
    ps3 is just as good and it shouldnt make a difference

  • aaron

    u cant sell black ops for both systems o( on the same day)then not give bot the map packs ..thats dumb as hell..u need to be right and give ps3 a chance and ps3 is the best anyway

  • prOGamerz

    personally i’ll have this at midnight and will be playing it all day with my girlfriend and family. Add Me Silentshank93

  • Shadow

    Microsoft care about their customers.

    • Sek0ndComing

      Yeah, they care so much for their customers they charge you for internet basically. Here's a little clue that might open your biased eyes… you pay for the ability to "ACCESS" the internet (which has no usage limits) from your internet provider (Cox, Comcast, DirecTV). The Internet (as a signal) is free to the entire world. So basically, you paying Microsoft to let you access 1) something you already pay to "ACCESS" and 2) something that costs Microsoft 0 dollars to issue you is robbery, and a monopoly. Ex: paying Microsoft to access the internet, is like buying a Baseball bat, and then being charged every time you go to use it. Enjoy

      • Jared

        no. they just like their customers money

  • Chris

    Its Xbox first because they pay to play online so Microsoft gets it for them first. And PatricNL your mom does suck a mean one!

  • jamie123

    i love ps3 but its always xbox 1st y there both consoles but diffrent mkes they should be out the same day

    • falconpride90

      oh thanks for clearing that up. I wasn't sure if they were consoles or not.

  • PatricNL

    hahaha PS3 Sucks anyway

    • joe

      so does your mom but no one else was gonna say anything

    • dan

      good thing you suck, otherwise the ps3 would suck.

    • chris

      only gay xbox 360 lovers get it first the ps3 is way better it has better grafics and free online

  • akps3

    when is it coming out for ps3

  • scullz

    Seriosly? No ps3 love Treyarch? I’m beggining to thing these guys hate the ps3!

    • guest

      it will be out in march for ps3. xbox pays treyarch to have it out earlier

      • guest

        It has nothing to do with Treyarch. Its all because of Activition and Microsoft

        • Guest

          Which in this case is bad because Killzone 3 comes out which should deflate the sales of the PS3 DLC version

          Microsoft used the money from Xbox Live revenues to pay for exclusive release rights. It's meant to piss off PS3 users period.

  • roger

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    • me man

      what up

  • keith

    Not releasing the map pack for PS3 until a month or so after they have already released it for X box is kinda like discrimination and / or racism

    • prOGamerz

      Dude….they’re just showing you what console is superior, sorry. yours apparently isn’t it.

      • jake

        no they give it out for xbox becuz xbox users have to pay for live and ps3 people get it for free

      • mikesoja

        Ur stupid just because it comes out for xbox doesnt meen the console is better

    • chris

      no ps3 sucks

      • mikesoja

        Ur a idiot for making that comment

    • keith

      well i got xbox but can not find them???????

    • tazz6969

      here here why xbox first and not at the same time

    • chris

      i agree i think that treyark should come out with dlc's at the same time for every system at the same time or make it so the best system aka ps3 gets it first

    • luke

      and to think we liked treyarch…

  • DopieLB

    Tsssss this looks pretty down(: for sure to get this map pack. haha see you guys online!:D (gamertag: MadDopie123) :p