Mortal Kombat: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Box Art – PS3 Wins

By Alan Ng - Jan 24, 2011

Just in case you needed a further reminder, Sony has once again boasted the fact that God of War hero Kratos will be appearing in Warner Bros’ upcoming gore fest Mortal Kombat 9, which releases on the PS3 and Xbox 360 this April.

As reported Gamersmint, an image of the official PS3 box art for the game has appeared, and it includes the words ‘exclusive content’ and ‘Play as Kratos’ for the PS3 version. You’ll also have Sony’s trademark ‘3D’ logo at the bottom, just underneath the same Scorpion and Sub Zero artwork which appears on the Xbox 360 version too.

Considering that both box arts have now been revealed for the game, does that mean that the Xbox 360 will miss out on a console-specific character for the game? We were secretly hoping that Marcus Fenix or maybe even a Killer Instinct character appear in the game since Microsoft own Rare, but sadly it looks like this won’t happen now.

PS3 Box Art

Xbox 360 Box Art

We don’t want to choose sides, but who will want to miss out on a bonus character in Kratos on the PS3 version? – We definitely don’t. Let us know your thoughts on this one.

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  • Ta-da

    Sure, PS3 got a special character and all. But believe it or not, 360 got a special feature too! It's called "Online Playability"!

    Cheer up. May 3rd is only 3 days away!

  • sub_zero

    OMG. couldnt they made the same game for both xbox and ps3 . I find it so stupid that ps3 game has an extra character… it makes no sense for a game that comes out in both platforms… the rest of these comments just show how much you all suck

  • benjamin

    xbox is nothing but a trash box. Believe me ps3 is the future.

    • NotaFanboy

      finally someone who sees the same believe in ps3 as me

  • NotaFanboy

    if you look at the detail of the box art the ps3 one has more detail compared to the xbox one, just look at sub zero and you will see the difference

  • james woodall

    dont hate on sony thats why we get playstation network and u gotta pay to play online that shows sony is better free online play

  • Mark

    You act as if Kratos isn't a shitty character to begin with.

  • Alti

    Xbox owners… dear god… this is just getting desperate, now. Stop making yourselves look so pathetic, please. PLEASE. Even considering master chief / marcus phoenix in the MK universe a fucking joke.

    Only an Xbox owner would say, "Okay!" to something like that, because you all have 0 standards.

    Some Xbox owner, PLEASE stand up and say that both of those 360 characters in MK universe would look fucking ridiculous. If you can't admit that, at least stop looking so DAMN DESPERATE to match Sony's content all the time. Developers don't want to ruin their games because you're a brat.

    • alti's real father!

      fuck you. xbox rules. wether they put marcus fenix or master cheif it would still be bad ass. say what u want. but xbox rules over ps3. dont argue just agree. stupid cunt 😀

  • low

    Alan ng strikes again wtf is this ps3-win crap then you go on to say you dont want to choose sides news flash pal you just did.

  • istired

    The xbox360 cover shows more actual art then the ps3 cover.

  • marhorn

    If the Xbox 360 had the better artwork it wouldnt even be posted here! To be honest id still rather play the old Mk's anyway SSFV and Tekken 6 destroy MK!

    • james woodall

      u on crack mk is way more real and graphic then some tekken or street fighter fooll stay off the drugs

  • deeznutz

    i'm getting it for ps3, but alan ng is such a fanboy herb

  • Philip

    The headline made me believe that the two veriosns had completely different boxarts. Imagine my disappointment then when I saw both of them are EXACTLY the same. Oh wait, PS3 verison has more TEXT, therefore it's better…

    …this article fails. Epically.

    But yes, it is a shame A Gears of War character isn't in MK, they would have fitted perfectly.

  • Mark

    This is the most pointless piece of trash i've read on the web, congratz.

  • marhorn

    Ok 2 things, the later first! The superior version of a rubbish game which will still be not as good as Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3! And I played all the God of wars! Its the only reason I own a ps3. Anyway real fighting fans are looking forward to Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street fighter X Tekken and visa versa!

    ps….Master Chief would destroy Kratos! Hows that for diverse?

    • Guest

      Zeus couldn't kill Kratos, what makes you think Master Chief can?

  • blah

    if u take a fine look at the bottom beside netherelm u would see that the ps3 version is 3d ready, unlike the xbox360 version, in that case i believe they are not getting a nice pay cheque, the writer is stating the obviously superior version.

  • marhorn

    Any little thing and your making it a headline in favour of sony! Just how much do they pay you?

    • Mitesh

      Any xbot who has never gotten a chance to experience how awesome kratos is would only talk such nonsense. Kratos in the mortal kombat universe is the most logical addition ever. And the matter of fact is that he is an incredibly awesome character. It goes to show the fact that the ps3 has heroes who are diverse unlike xbox where the only heroes they have are people who have guns!!