Modern Warfare 3: Release Date and Development Update

By Alan Ng - Jan 24, 2011

We have an update for the millions of you waiting for news on the next Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game, as it has been recently reported by the LA Times that Modern Warfare 3 will be co-developed and will release towards the end of 2011.

As reported from VG247, we are hearing that well known series developers Infinity Ward will be assisted in the development department by Sledgehammer Games, which you may remember are company being signed on by Activision to develop a ‘action adventure’ Call of Duty game this year.

We don’t know if the two games are still separate, as we havent heard any details on Sledgehammer Games’ CoD title since this report we wrote last year. As for Modern Warfare 3, how do you feel about Infinity Ward developing the game with another company?

The move may be unsuprising to a lot of you, as if you have been keeping up to date with your gaming news, you’ll know that most of Infinity Ward’s staff quit last year after a bustup with Activision, with many of them jumping ship to EA to form Respawn Entertainment.

Back to MW3 though, and we’re hearing that the game is still on course for a release this November – Modern Warfare 2 released November 10th last year, just to refresh your memories.

There are more details on this story over at VG247. Give us your thoughts on the Modern Warfare 3 project.

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  • Hayden

    i hated mw2 when it first came out but then time went on and as i got beter i started to like it more so i have to say if all of them went together to make one game it wood be best idk im just saying i cant wait to see what they come out with next

  • xREACH808x

    wow i thought IW completly quit all together…… some IW guys went to go work on the Battle Field 3 and some followed the IW HEADS and made Respawn Entertainment. they also said that respawn entertainment would like to make mw3 but what i dont get is doesnt the COD series belong to activision. so why would they even bring up mw3 if respawn entertainment works with EA?


    Im behind IW all the way. MW2 hands down bomb game. fix the cheats(mods,glitches,etc) and MW3 will take the cake. IW dosent need a babysitter to push out and awesome game. Lets cut the crap and make some money.

  • buk lau

    am just into the game becuze of the zombie mode:) hope it will be the same makers that made waw and black cops

    • dfghj

      Zombies is by treyarch not IW

  • sander

    omg Modern warfare 3 must have more maps and updates for maps!!!

  • caffman

    November? Oh my God I’m shocked! Apart from we’ve had a new COD every bloody November since COD4

    • dography


      There was clearly confusion over whether it would still be released in November because of the highly publicised (and clearly stated above) incident between Activision and Infinity Ward, this article serving to answer the question as best as possible.

      Your comment is therefore retarded, no less than I'd expect from someone usually found (I suspect) trolling youtube and perpetuating the absolutely hilarious Justin Beiber meme..!


      I've got some meat to eat, see you later dip5hit..!