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ParkPatrol: Huge Fines Inspired Parking Watch App

We have seen a huge amount of apps in our time, but who would have thought that there would be one to inform other iPhone users that there is a parking officer near where your car is parked? One such parking watch app is ParkPatrol, and has helped save many people from receiving large fines.

The developers behind this crowdsourcing app has done two things, to keep drivers happy, but at the same time upsetting states up and down the country – well they will be losing revenue by not giving out as many fines. There will be those who think that ParkPatrol should not be on iTunes, but it is not illegal, it is just warning people – Apple would not allow it in otherwise.

The app uses the GPS technology built into the iPhone to send push notifications to other drivers when you spot a parking officer near your parked car. The developer wants you to join the community of people already joined, so you can help your fellow driver out.

Some of the features include sending an alert when a parking officer is in the area, watch alerts appear on a map, and also help at remembering how long you have been parked in that certain parking spot. The best thing is that this app is free – just gets better and better. For more details visit App Shopper.

Would you consider buying this app and becoming part of the Parking officer alert community?



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