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Massage Therapist Creates Muscular Anatomy iOS App: Anatomy In Motion 1.0

An application which provides users vast information on muscles of the human body has recently been released. Anatomy In Motion 1.0 is available for owners of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The application has been developed by Melissa Finley, LMT of Mending Hands Massage Therapy. There are over 225 unique muscles with 100 action animations covered in the application. Each muscle can be isolated individually so its attachment to the skeleton can be seen clearly. Over 450 flashcards allow users to explore muscle layering, from the skeleton to the most superficial layer.

Melissa Finley wanted a better way of showing her clients what goes on with their bodies, and something which was medically accurate educating her fellow Swedish Institute students. Finley says “I used other apps during my training, but found them lacking in depth.” After a year and a half in the making she came up with Anatomy In Motion.

Anatomy In Motion is great for doctors, medical students, athletes, coaches, physical trainers amongst others. Over 650 study questions and sectional quizzes allow users to focus their studies.

Anatomy In Motion 1.0 is available on the App Store for $26.99. iOS 3.0 or later required.


  • Ivan

    I just bought this app. Great idea! But there are still some mistakes in the muscle origins/insertions and in the quizes.


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