iPad 2 Date and Flash Support – No Chance

By Tina Chubb - Jan 22, 2011

The upcoming Apple iPad 2 appears to be one of the most talked about tech subjects at the moment, including rumors and speculation on its features and release date. Just over the past few days we’ve heard about the possibility of a 1MP camera, a proximity sensor and a retina display.

However, it’s the rumors surrounding the iPad 2’s launch date that appear to be grabbing most people’s attention. According to Ben Camm-Jones at pcworld.com, reports from Taiwan have suggested that the new iPad 2 could be launched sometime in April, and maybe just in the US at first.

In the meantime, Tim Gideon over at pcmag.com thinks that Apple’s next generation iPad will be launched in early April, but says that the official announcement may come to us in March. According to Lucy over on the applebitch.com website, recent rumors have suggested a February 9th launch date.

However, Lucy seems to think that the launch event will take place on February 2nd. The lack of Flash Support on the Apple iPad appears to have come under fire this week as well, after Toshiba wrote something on their website about iOS users not being able to view the Flash page.

According to a recent article at electronista.com, Toshiba went on to say that if people had one of their tablet PCs, they could enjoy the whole Internet including Flash sites. When do you think the iPad 2 will be launched? What features are you hoping to see on Apple’s new tablet?

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  • Paul

    No flash no iPad for me. Don't understand apple. They sound deluded like a certain Libyan dictator.

  • Wolfy

    Flash, want to use the IPad for itv etc in the uk but they use flash, also when using google search for video most cannot be played.

    I'd have a pad now if i could use it for normal day to day use 🙁 I'll just keep my iPhone with me, a few extra programs on the pad is just not enough for me.

    It's a shame I love my iMac, apple tv, iPhone 3GS/4 I just can't purchase the pad 🙁 it's alot to pay for a photo album lol!!

    I'm sure apple can get round this I know so meny people that would order one if it was able to do this simple task

  • punky brewster

    If Flash is on the iPad, then thousands will re-create Apple apps and give them away for free, that's the real reason Jobs won't do it. Greed.

  • teikyo30

    Screw Apple. They have a certain share of the market and they're happy with that. They could have more, but that would mean more money. More money means more paperwork. Better for everyone else they don't want to do the paperwork.

  • Guest

    Ipad 2 – wow still no flash support!

  • steve smithson

    completely agree – give users the choice

  • Cold

    Like I said for the first gen iPad… “If it doesn’t support flash, I’m NOT buying it”!

    • Wolfy

      Flash all the way m8y that's what I'd like…

    • james

      word dude…imagine no flash on the ipad 2…loool………..why den did dey put flash on their macs????? stupid company

    • Anwaar

      Oh your so right !! galaxy supports flash