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Verizon / AT&T iPhone 4: Universal Bumper Case

On January 11, 2011 Verizon announced that they were to offer the iPhone 4 to its customers, for the most part the iPhone looked the same as the current AT&T version. However, there was a subtle difference with the external antenna, as the black bands were no longer on the bottom but at the top instead. This meant that the volume and mute buttons had to be lowered; this means that the current bumper from Apple will no longer fit.

However, Ross Miller from Engadget was informed that there is now a universal iPhone 4 bumper, which means that it will be able to fit both carrier versions. This is an official Apple product, and it’s only when you do a side-by-side comparison that you can see how different they are – not much.

The reader who found this in an Apple store tried it on his current AT&T fourth-generation iPhone, and it was a perfect fit. However, I do worry how long it will be a perfect fit for? I have had mine since they gave them out for free, and already the thing has started to get a bit baggy; this is because I have to take the bumper off if I wish to put my iPhone 4 in my Bose dock.

Other cases for the Big Red version of the iPhone have already started to appear, SlashGear has a hands-on of what they believe is the first case available. This just shows how fast these manufactures can work when they know that are in a race against time, as the Verizon iPhone is released on February 12th.

Will you choose a case or a bumper?



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