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Nintendo 3DS: Super Street Fighter IV 3D – New Gameplay

In case you missed it live yesterday, we now have some new gameplay to show you, from the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Street Fighter IV, which will be one of the titles releasing for the glasses-free 3D handheld.

The new footage was shown to the live audience yesterday by Capcom, and shows just how impressive the graphics look on the little screen. We’d go as far to say that the graphics are not too far off the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, which gives you an idea what a good job Capcom has managed with the visuals.

The game will feature some 3DS-specific elements, such as WiFi connectivity and a choice of two control schemes – light and pro which will benefit either beginners or Street Fighter veterans. Perhaps the best features though, are the ability to fight other players who have the game in a nearby location, and also fight friends via a download option which lets you battle with only one copy of the game.

It’s looking like one of the best 3DS games already, and we haven’t even seen that much of the game. Take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts on it. Is Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition going to be the first game you buy for the Nintendo 3DS?



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