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How to Give a Killer Massage With an iPhone App

We seem to be living in an era where we get too stressed, so need to find ways to relax. Some people just sit and listen to music; others would rather have a relaxing bath. However, there are those like myself who would much rather have a massage – but we know how expensive they can be. Thankfully Apple has an app for that – well quite a few in fact.

Having searched on App Shopper I have seen a number of apps that are designed to give you that killer massage that you have been wanting, and they cost a fraction of the price as going to a spa – some are even free.

The first app is called ‘Japanese Massage’ and there is a special on at the moment, as it is currently free. Learning how to do these massages is simple thanks to the detailed instructions, and to help you relax there is a choice of music to choose from. However, it is the self-massage courses that has got me interested in this one – might have to download this for my wife to try on me.

It is a known fact that the best place to massage is the foot, as this is where a number of key points are on your body. It is believed that if you apply pressure to a certain part of your foot, then this will reach other parts of the body. I have never had this done, so cannot comment. One app that teaches you this technique is ‘Foot Massage Map’, this app costs just $1.99.

If these two are not to your taste, then why not choose from the huge choice that App Shopper has reviewed. We recently wrote about apps that will help you get fit or help you get that perfect flat stomach.



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