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iOS 4.3: Download Beta 2 Now – iPad Multitouch Feature Missing

We have some good news for iOS device owners now, as you’ll be pleased to know that another major software update is now on the horizon. Just yesterday, Apple released the second beta for iOS 4.3, and there are a few notable changes that you should be aware of.

Since the download only became available a few hours ago, it’s unsure what new features are included in the new build, but we can confirm that Apple has removed a multitouch gesture feature for the iPad, which was present in the first beta of iOS 4.3.

Engadget has already heard from Apple regarding this, and the company states that the preview was just for developers only, to see how the gestures would work with apps. If you are disppointed about the feature being removed, there is always the chance that it will come back in a future version of iOS.

On a more positive note, BGR has discovered that this new beta of iOS 4.3 adds support for WiFi hotspots on GSM iPhones – which is quite a significant addition. If you find anything else in this new beta or something that you feel we should know about, leave us a comment below.

If you are a iOS developer, you can download the new beta now.



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