WWE All Stars: Roster List for Xbox 360, PS3 – Who do you want?

By Alan Ng - Jan 19, 2011

If you haven’t heard about the new upcoming arcade style WWE game called WWE All Stars, we feel it’s time you did, as the game is set to appeal to those who fell in love watching WWE (or WWF) legends way back in the 90’s.

We have a new trailer for the game to show you now, as well as a reminder that this game will be available on multiplatform on March 29th. Developers THQ have just confirmed the inclusion of Macho Man Randy Savage too, which is particarly exciting since he hasn’t been featured in an official WWE product for quite some time.

He takes the center stage in the latest trailer, which you can check out below. The game will feature a collection of other legends, such as Andre the Giant, the Million Dollar Man, Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat and Bret Hart. Unlike Smackdown Vs Raw, the gameplay differs considerably, as it offers a more arcade-style approach when grappling, resulting in a lot of ‘over the top’ moves and exaggerations.

Here is a list of the roster for the game so far, courtesy of IGN, with more additions to come along the way:

– John Cena
– The Rock
– Andre the Giant
– Bret Hart
– Million Dollar Man
– Rey Mysterio
– Stone Cold Steve Austin
– Triple H
– John Morrison
– Macho Man” Randy Savage
– Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
– Big Show
– Kofi Kingston
– Sheamus

You’ll also be pleased to know that the classic Jerry the King Lawler and Jim Ross (JR) partnership will be returning on commentary duties. Let us know your thoughts on the current roster so far, and who you would like to see featured in the game. It would be nice if the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan make an appearance, but sadly, I don’t think it will happen considering that both of them have distanced themselves from the WWE at the moment.

If this game is anything like the classic WWF Wrestlefest arcade game that was released in 1991, then consider us interested – that game definitely set the benchmark.

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  • Sergio

    Rick rude Rick Flair Vader The British Bulldogs Owen Hart Demolition Big John Studd King Kong Bundy The Magnificent Muraco Tito Santana Rick Martel Gorilla Monsoon Bobby the Brain Heenan Nikolai Volkoff The Iron Sheik Abdullah the Butcher Earthquake and Typhoon and can you please add the grey and black for The Undertaker thanks !

  • toby casablanca

    no hacksaw jim duggan?

  • HardyzRock666

    Yea the hardy boyz back wen they were team extreme.

  • noel

    the great kail

  • austin

    randy orton and cm punk should 100% be in that game

  • I think Booker T is in the WWE roster
    plus Undertaker and HBK!!! that is one hell of a Wrestlemania moment

  • iron sheik , rvd santino marella

  • goldberg and booker t

  • owais

    brock lesner goldberg kurt angel randy orton should be in

  • sofoklis

    if you put in the game jeff hardy be sure that you will have sure 2.000.000 sells because all greek people who like wrestling like and jeff hardy too.in greece there are 11.000.000 people and the 2.000.000 are playing wrestling games so it will be a good character to be in the game

  • Edge,Christian,Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy,Evan Bourne,Jericho,Hawk,Animal, Jake the Snake,Bret Hart,Stone Cold,The Rock,Undertaker, Kane,Triple H, HBK, Kid Kash,Benoit and Rey Mysterio Are who I want to see in the game

    • shailesh

      no they are not in the game but you can make them

  • ultimate fan

    undertaker and edge better be in it

  • Sneak

    Hell Yeah! Ultimate warrior, Vader, Mankind, Hawk and Animal!
    I hope PS2 version will be good as Xbox 360.

  • George

    they have to have Flair, Dusty Rhodes, HBK, Steve Ausin as both Stunning Steve and Stone Cold, Booker T and you have to have some Mean Gene Okerland.

    • eric

      yes on stone cold and hbk,none of the others and no stunning steve

  • mark

    i hope the big disel ( kevin nash)

  • amir

    i hope HBK will be in the game

    • shailesh

      yes hes in it as a legend

  • charcy collins

    eddie guerrero

  • al jaidah

    and randy orton will be there and ultimate warrior

  • John Carey

    Is hulk hogan going to be in this

    • justin stewart


      • killer_kud_mudvayne

        by now you should have the game next time just wait like the rest of us who cares who is in the game just play and shutup!!!!

    • andrew

      yes he is