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Take Stunning Photos: Professional Camera 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch 4G

A great new camera application has recently been released for owners of the iPhone and iPod Touch 4G. Professional Camera 1.0 allows users access all the low-level features of the camera hardware.

The application released by SolarSpark has two key features which are, Crystal Zoom and the ability to separate point of focus and exposure. With the iPhone 4 camera lens and Crystal Zoom will result in crisp and clear photos, and up to 7x zoom. Users will find a simple to use interface which will allow great images with minimal effort.

Other features include, Video recording in the Low / Mid / High / 480p / 720p quality, White Balance Adjustment, Torch Mode to let you record videos even in the darkest environments, Professional LCD Interface, Single Tap to select Point of Focus, Double Tap to select Point of Exposure, and much more.

Professional Camera 1.0 is available worldwide on the App Store for only $1.99. iOS 4.0 or later required.



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