COD Black Ops: Ascension Zombie Map – New Weapons and Perks

By Alan Ng - Jan 19, 2011

We have some good news for those of you who are searching for gameplay information on the upcoming Ascension zombie map for Call of Duty Black Ops, as although we didn’t see any footage in the latest trailer for the First Strike map pack, we have some information which is just as good.

IGN has written up a report, summarizing the information which Treyarch revealed about the four multiplayer maps which will be featured in the First Strike map pack, due out on Xbox 360 first on February 1st.

While Treyarch made no mention of Acsension during the trailer, IGN have reported that the new map will feature a few new weapons and perks, as well as the inclusion of the Cosmic Silverback monkey, who will steal your perks! We’re guessing that this monkey will come in after round 5, replacing the hellhounds and zombie scientist seen in the Kino Der Toten and ‘Five’ Zombie maps.

As for the new weapons, Ascension will feature the Gersch Device, described as a ‘Black Hole Bomb’, and Matryoshka Dolls, which we’re thinking is some kind of claymore / monkey bomb type weapon. Will the Gersch device be the new version of the Thunder Gun? – hopefully we’ll have more details on this soon.

As for new perks, you’ll be pleased to know that there will be at least two new additions. These are the ‘PhD Flogger’ and the ‘Stamin-Up’ perks. We’re not sure exactly what each does specifically, but we’re guessing that the Stamin-Up perk will give you unlimited sprint or something along those lines.

We’ll let you know when we receive fresh details on Ascension. What are your thoughts on the new perks and weapons? – Do you like the idea of a perk-stealing monkey?

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  • Perefelipe

    how to ascension

  • Spuds

    They call it Ascension because it's based in Ascension Islands.

  • That guy

    My friend thinks they should make a perk that gives u a uav/ spy plane so u can see where the zombies r. I think this is a really good idea and would help a lot.

  • shwan!

    ure all wrong how funny

  • jo

    i have played acension best to the max on ps3 WAY better then the xbox version in my opinion

  • John

    guys the perks that the monkys steals can be stoped by camping at the perks themself they try to hack it and steal your perks so stop the monkys from doing it and that purple thing Phd flogger?? that perk if you jump (dive) from something higher then the ground lvl were you are on it makes some nuke around you that makes fire and kills zombies its awsome

  • will

    I think that they should put in a new gun that can be a mix of the raygun and a pack a punch thunder gun but make it automatic and suck the zombies in instead of blowing them out so u could shoot zombies at other ones

  • ,kjhg

    pdh flogger is a perk that allows when u dive of a stair case it will make a mini nuke around u

  • noob

    acsention cool

  • Alpha

    What is the monkey glitch?

  • Matt

    The monkeys suck, they are tiny lol – The PHD Flogger is a perk which nukes the area around you if you go down – the stamin-up is a perk which allows you to sprint for longer – you have to link all the lunar landings to get the rocket going, then you launch the rocket to open the pack-a-punch machine, if you shoot the rocket it will blow up in mid-air – instead of the bowie knife there is a sickle – and there are certain zombies that can jump really high – there is a bomb you can get in the mystery box that is a russian doll that when it blows up lots of little bombs come out of it – something replaces the monkey bombs but i forgot the name 🙂 but when you throw it all the zombies get sucked into it but if you jump into it, it will teleport you to a random place on the map – oh yeah, you start off in black and white so you need to get to the power to turn the colour on 🙂 thats about it lol 😀

  • Jimmy 6

    Fine i'll stop

  • giggity

    black ops is cool and gay at the same time

  • bundles

    Pack a punch needs to be available to re-supply with your upgraded weapons.. if that were the case… it would still be difficult to get ammo.. but it would at least be a viable option when you're hoarding points and have no ammo left in the mid 30's levels.

  • born n blood

    i cant wait till the new maps are available on the ps3

  • james

    I think it would be so cool if they had the option to buy the ray gun and the thundergun and other super weapons for about 4500 points on the walls

  • the artisan

    3arc should make a russian zombie map i mean it would complete the WWII theme from waw i mean they have nazi, usa, and japanese (imperial army)

    EX: Nacht der untoten, five, and shi no numa

  • caspa

    old maps available on black ops cba to buy WAW also idea for a new map sorta ripping of ascensions black and white idea but have no lights on till u turn on the power and you have to use head torches, this would make the shitty earlier rounds more exciting.

  • Daryl McKimmy

    oh and one more thing they switched out the bowie knife for a sickle, i know beast right?

  • jonny

    i think u should make a perk were u can revive people wen ur down and u could revive urselve and u should hav a option on wen ur team dies u can hav them all pay so much points so that u and ur team can be back in the game

  • Daryl McKimmy

    and as for the new perks, the PHD flopper perks allows you to dive from high distances and cause an explosion. which is amazing! the stammin-up allows you to have an extra speed boost when you sprint. such as the multi-player perk called lightweight, which allows you to be faster,same rules apply when it comes to stammin-up.thats all,and in order to get to the pack-a-ounch machine you must link all the lunar landers and then launch the missle in the first random box room(at the highest floor).the pack-a-punch is located under were the missle was. now you know everything about the new map acsersion.good luck . send me a message on facebook if you need any help

  • Daryl McKimmy

    alright the gersh devise is a secondary perk like monkey bombs,such as the mutroyska dolls which are cluster bombs that do area affected damage. and the monkeys wont steal your perks if you protect the perk machine you have if you bought the jugger-nog, you protect the jugger-nog machine because space monkeys will jump on the machine and take all the jugger-nog bottles.also after you beat your first space monkey round, there will be a max ammo and a little something for your troubles, a perk bottle, pick this up and it gives you a random perk.notice the random perk will only work once so dont be dumb and get down monkeys also come down in lunar lander pads..

  • Nick

    PhD is a great Cola. I recommend getting it first because it is the easiest one to defend from the monkeys (they only come up the stairs). What it does is awesome. If you sprint and hold b off of a ledge or stairs, when you land on the ground there will be an explosion around you that will kill all the zombies in a 3 foot radius around you. Also it makes you not be able to hurt yourself. You can't blow yourself up, the ray gun wont hurt ETC. You can literally hold onto a grenade until it explodes and you wont die. It doesn't do anything about lowering costs. Remember to upgrade, take all three lifts back to the starting room and then go back to where you turn on the power and launch the rocket.

  • wtf?

    WHAT ABOUT PS3???????? i own a ps3 i also own an xbox 360 but i prefer ps3 and is it gonna fuckin come out for ps3 id like to play it…its quite stupid they came out on xbox and no ps3 on the same day but its feb. 7th…WTF… really dumb…

  • black op

    bring back the wunderwaffe

  • CodyCalkinsBand

    they should have a spot on the wall where you can buy ammo for any gun you have for like 8,000 or something. so you don't have to lose a good gun like the HK 21 to the random box for a cross bow on higher levels.

  • dark

    i fond the secret to the packa pounch

  • guest

    its the phd flopper you retards not the flogger

  • SamIAm13

    maybe one of them is used to by ammo

  • Matt

    Ok first of all I think that there should be difficulties for zombies like Ascension on recruit or Kino Der Toten on hardened that would be cool I geuss for some of the new players but what I REALLY WANTED to tell 3arch is that they should come up with a thing where you can pay say 2,000 credits and you can add 1 attachment on your gun of your choice like just say AK74U with rapid fire and grip. That would be a pretty cool option. (You can get it a MAX of 2 times) Another idea of mine would be to be able to play like split screen zombies but only you could play with like 3 or 4 people as long as you had the controllers. Oh and before I end this I have to say what every person here is thinking….. WHAT’S UP WITH THE MONKEYS ? I mean ya it’s epic but like how do you come up with that shit ? Oh and if you like what I said or just wanna message me, my xbox live name is………….. xWiinGManx

  • mr_ruano

    or how about a perk that makes you less tasty looking or smelly to the zombies… make zombies go after your teamates first that dont have that perk, and if you all have that perk, zombies rush at you like they normally do but before they strike, i dunno, they hesitate because that perk makes less wanted or something,,, lol shit would be tight standing next to your teamate and 20 zombies rush at him before at you, even though it already happens sometimes but i dont know if yall get it….lol

  • billy

    i think that black ops is gay

  • Aaron

    Heyy, just to let everyone who doesn't know, the PhD Flogger allows you to explode when you dolphin dive down a set of stairs, very useful. 🙂

  • AMG

    Ok so first off i have the map and phd flogger does have to do with the traps, stamin up has to do with running not forever but for longer time, there is no more bowie knife now you get a sickle, there is a new weapon but i wont give that away, the new grenade explodes into many grenades which then explode, monkey bombs are still in it, there is the black hole grenade thing (but I have not gotten it yet), thundergun, ray gun, pack a punch is still 5000, death machine power up is in it, the monkey's do steal your perks so you have a time limit of killing all the monkeys and you keep your perks and after you kill them give you max ammo power up, lunar landers only take you to the beggining of the level, same guns on the wall as five and no more mp40, there are little secrets that you can find out for yourself once you play I have already figured them out, zombies actually dodge your bullets when you aim down your sites at them, the map is the biggest I have seen so far which makes it 10x better than the other maps, and no more crawlers that have the nova gas they are gone.

  • grant

    how do i get packapunch and fix the rocket

  • grant

    how do i get to pack a punch on asswent

  • dman

    monkeyes stealing perks. as if the scientist wasnt annoying enough when you had bad*** guns