Samsung Fascinate Update: 2.2 MIA and Problems?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 18, 2011

The long awaited Android OS 2.2 update for the Samsung Fascinate is still MIA, but a minor update has been made available. Brighthand points out that some of the updates include paused music when unplugging headsets, improved GPS, as well as being able to open any PDF; so why the wait for Froyo?

The handset has been on the market since the summer 2010 and came with Android 2.1. A huge number of Google Android handsets have now been upgraded to 2.2, and some will soon get 2.3 Gingerbread – much to the annoyance of Fascinate owners.

As with all updates there are bound to be a few problems, have you experienced any? If you have then please could you describe this in detail below, maybe one of our readers could help you. However, the best thing to do is visit our main problems section, which is where our readers really get involved and do their best to help you with your problem. There was a number of problems from the moment that handset was first released, but this was to be expected.

Those who have never updated before will notice an OTA screen appear, it will be far easier for you to read the Samsung FAQ page, which talks you through the update process. Just do not get too carried away, as you will not notice any performance increase or improved battery life until you get Froyo.

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  • Mike

    Time to get the iphone! I wish Verizon would fix their network to allow multi tasking (be on the phone and internet at the same time).

  • Colefascinate

    I"m having many of the same problems that you all are describing. Incoming call/msm messages have wrong contact attached to them. The phone freezes usually once a day and requires a battery removal… And, most recently my phone has taken a turn for the worse and shuts down about every ten minutes or so. I'm having problems getting the dang thing to even turn back on now. Worst of all because i have a minor barely noticeable hairline crack in my screen i cannot get it replaced because the warranty is voided because the phone is "damages" the thing was damaged way before i broke the screen. Very frustrated, last samsung phone i will ever buy.

  • mikaelSR

    lots of problems..
    phone wont ring. wont get voicemails till about 5 or 6 add up then ill get a voicemail icon with no missed call.
    when ending a call it lags really bad befor actually ending the call. when typing on the internet its always 5 words behind what im actually texting. phone freezes up after unlocking. or live background disappears and no icons are on the screen. have to pull battery to get them back. for a smart phone it should know the CORRECT contact thats texting or calling befor i answer it. then it randomly sends texts/replys to people im not even texting. every aspect of the phone lags way worse then the 2.1 OS. shouldnt the update be faster and better. not the oppisite…
    any suggestions on how to fix any of these would be totally awsome.

  • Jason

    My messages icon is now no longer in the bottom dock.. I try to put it there but it converts to the "remove" status….. Help!!!

  • Jennifer

    I am having the same problems as Brittany and Mrs. H. Also in addition, I have noticed that now when a new text or call comes in, it will initially have the wrong contact name at the top, then when I open the text, or answer the call, the correct contact name will appear.

  • Brittany

    Mrs. H, I'm having the same problems you describe!!! Also, my screen locks up when I try to place calls and I have to take the battery out multiple times a day. It's making me very angry!!

  • Mrs H

    Many issues:
    Battery won't charge. When I plug it in it tells me to disconnect that it is full when it is actually only about 30% charged.
    Texts fail to go through frequently
    Phone won't ring, goes straight to Voicemail.
    It crashes multiple times a day, press an app to launch and it blinks and goes back to home screen.
    Email doesn't automatically push
    I could go on. THis is the second update since I have had the phone, and this time the issues are worse.

    • Shawn

      I cant get my TEXT messages to go through as well. it hold's them in the memory bank then will send then several hours later. WTF

  • problems

    Since the upgrade I cannot get my MAC to recognize my phone to transfer new music to it. Also text messaging has been more frequently sending texts to wrong contact and first letter of the first two words in a sentence keep being capitalized.

  • mailman

    After the new updates, my fascinate can't transfer music and pics using usb connection, can't mount the phone to the computer.