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Samsung Fascinate Update: 2.2 MIA and Problems?

The long awaited Android OS 2.2 update for the Samsung Fascinate is still MIA, but a minor update has been made available. Brighthand points out that some of the updates include paused music when unplugging headsets, improved GPS, as well as being able to open any PDF; so why the wait for Froyo?

The handset has been on the market since the summer 2010 and came with Android 2.1. A huge number of Google Android handsets have now been upgraded to 2.2, and some will soon get 2.3 Gingerbread – much to the annoyance of Fascinate owners.

As with all updates there are bound to be a few problems, have you experienced any? If you have then please could you describe this in detail below, maybe one of our readers could help you. However, the best thing to do is visit our main problems section, which is where our readers really get involved and do their best to help you with your problem. There was a number of problems from the moment that handset was first released, but this was to be expected.

Those who have never updated before will notice an OTA screen appear, it will be far easier for you to read the Samsung FAQ page, which talks you through the update process. Just do not get too carried away, as you will not notice any performance increase or improved battery life until you get Froyo.



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