PS3 Firmware 3.60 Update: Banning Jailbreak Systems?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 17, 2011

Since the PS3 was hacked one would assume that Sony would be trying to develop something to counter this. We do not know how true this is, but we have reason to believe that PS3 firmware update 3.60 will be banning systems; that’s according to SlyGamers.

When Geohotz cracked the PlayStation there was mixed reaction from users. Those who are out to save money did not care, but most who would much rather do things the legal way are angry that jailbreaking the console could cause games to increase in price.

SlyGamers believes that they have the proof that firmware v3.60 will ban Jailbreak PS3’s due to a phone call that was made to Sony Australia. We will not add the video below, but if you want to listen to the phone call, then you will have to visit the source website.

The caller, who obviously has a jailbroken PlayStation 3 was told in no uncertain terms that he can expect his system to be banned from PSN. This is a lot like the move that Microsoft done with it’s Xbox 360 on Xbox Live. We still do not know if this will happen or not, but it is not impossible.

Do you believe that PS3 Jailbreak Systems should be banned from the PlayStation Network?

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  • kcufsrekcah

    hackers are ok aslong as they dont cheat in a game modded games can be more fun but hackers seriously go a find a clitorus its more fun that pushing buttons

  • shone


  • PH83

    how can almost everyone here have an issue with modders they are just bored gamers really and who cares if ppl rent game and copy them the company made the same money off that transaction as they would have if they just rented it and gave it back u still paid to obtain it. what they dont like is the ppl who download and burn games for distribution that is stealing money right out of their pocket.

  • nutsinurbutt

    I hope when this bull crap is settled that they do not brick all the ps3's
    There is a new ps3 coming out, and it is said that once sony gets sales increases over time with the new console they will be bricking all old existing ps3 consoles. maybe , maybe not. its all over FCC though.

  • tokkenbloodmoney

    well guess what , looks like hackers are gunna start getting pissed psn goes down and they plan to attack when it comes back on, there not stupid im gunna laugh when all you loser hackers get whats comin for ya

  • Alejo


  • tokkenbloodmoney

    hacker are only losers, think about you cheat because you suck we get far because we have skill hmmm you tell me and i think that if your getting free stuff you should be in jail and dont think twice your stealing from a billion dollar company dont think they dont know every little thing you do and say 😀

  • tokkenbloodmoney

    people just need to realize that if you hack and dont get stopped now thats ok because it needs to and will happen and thats ok go ahead and say it wont but SONY owns this system and if your hacking it technically you can be sued aspecialy if your stealling thats a crime eh morons but for the majority you guys like to cheat in games, grow up its not everyone elses fault that you cant play games without cheatin get some skills dont be little girls….. SONY even if you dont care about wat we say i will still be MORE then happy when all these losers get wat they deserve

  • **** you sony

    OMG I can't believe how many solid lovers there are 10 bucks these haters work for Sony and they're trying to scare people into not hacking their ps3 I think this cause someone who doesn't want to jailbreak their PlayStation doesn't really give a **** if other people do or not Lake really watch someone else give a **** if I jailbreak my PlayStation or not my opinion signage is being a ***** because they can't stop the hackers
    long live hackers

  • Hectec

    Iam not Jelous of any one I know fully well how to jb my ps3 simple and easy hell I even did it to a freinds. What Iam concern is for those that do it for evil reason to mod in ranked games should be baned or for those who are to lazy to buy there games legit this will eventualy hurt sales and servers will vanish then poof no online for us psn gamers. I understand theres always two side to a story I even think sony should make moded lobbys for those who want to cheat but going into a game with none moded system and saying your the king aint rite to me you have no skill and aint a gamer aint fare your imortal taken down every one whos legit. I am for banning modders but the correct modders who do things as this.

  • !!suck it!!

    all who agree in a ban are just jelous, most jailbreakers dont just jailbreak to "hack" cod… what other game have u seen that has been hacked, maybe if cod spent more time into their games they be better, less glitchier. instead of just trying to get the money. all us jailbreakers only jailbreak for a reason its our ps3 we deserve to do what the hell we want with it. if we want to hit it with a bat we have the right cuz we spent 399 dollars+tax… so fuck off all who say we ruin the game… and be jelous of my super mario on ps3 :P!

  • Mrhacker

    Sony jus wasting there time doing all this shit for nothing becuz i still on 3.55 online playing black ops and mw2 normal when they could spend there more to do something better sony is a of fool i wish somebody Jb it agian back to the drawing board sony

  • war

    hey is it just my ps3 or does it take a long time to install this uptade????

    • shrute_farm

      Yes this thing is taking forever to download / install. I like how they say, "The main update in this package is that you can now set a time limit for when your controllers automatically shut off." lol… they don't mention anything about changing the entire software.

  • deemoney550


    • Omar

      Were did u got the DOWNLOAD from 3.60

      ADD Mee zVz-xPHeNoM

  • Idiots

    If you jailbroke it stay offline, it may be your ps3 but its their network dumbasses. The community doesnt need you. I hope it does brick your systems, dont wanna be bricked stay the fuck off then.

    • tokkenbloodmoney

      agreed, they dont have lives or skills anyway, why would anyone need or want them their like bug that need to be and will be squashed weither its today or 3 years from now its gunna happen

  • ravin gaines

    You guys know absolutely s*** about hacking. A.) To everyone saying don't get angry becau@e you can't follow the instructions on how to mod and unlock your console is an idiot themselves. You have to use someone else's brain powered to unlock your system! You aren't smart either numbness! B.) To everyone rooting and saying yay ban everyone good luck getting online because the major proxies Sony has to set up enable to brick these systems is going to piss all over there own network! ROFL I'm sure you'll miss your gay a** call of duty but oh well you sure showed us hackers and modders right? Rofl C.) Sony is making money off of thes3 mods everytime we go online with our systems and jump on to the gaming band wagon. They love what we arr doing they just dont want to get sued by the actual game developers so they are spreading through grape vines they are doing something about to keep people off there back. D.) Sit down shut up go pay 60$ for your gam3 and enjoy it. Quit crying and grow up period. End of discussion everyone as a direct source from Sony itself. You're not getting band during this update no worries don't cry.

    • tokkenbloodmoney

      thats where your all wrong your not cool or anything just remember the billion dollar company your rippin off one way or another they will get you and if you wanna get all upset then thats ok only proves you hackers are f@gs just like xbox users

  • DemonSmokr

    People who say they paid for their system, they should be able to do whatever with it. Sure go ahead, but you should not be able to use your hacked/modded system online. Only in a LAN setting, having that advantage over players who either dont know how to hack, or dont want to hack, is not fair and is considered cheating in many communities of gamers. You want to play modded games, get on the PC. They have special lobbies for that. You should not be able to connect your hacked PS3 to the PS Network what so ever. You want emulators? Get a separate PS3 that stays offline and do whatever you want with it. When you get online, you are cheating the millions of others who choose to play honestly. Best advice, leave hacking to the PC.

    • someone with a brain

      your a dumbfuck

  • DemonSmokr

    Jailbreaking is stupid. All for what, to get a few more kills, or look like you have skills at your games? There are only 2 reasons to jailbreak your system, downloading/pirating games, or using mods to make you look better online or do something your not supposed to do in the game. Whats the point? How is that worth getting your system banned, possibly destroyed because of it? Sure the system will be hacked again, but thats just because these "hackers" have nothing better to do than jack with their ps3. Use that knowledge for some good, why steal from a perfectly good company like Sony? Go screw MS, Sony has done nothing to screw the PS3 users, so why try and screw them? Its just completely pointless, utterly futile.

  • dotty_doda

    hay all i agre with what u say but if thay have fully jailbreak/hacked the ps3 shorly no mater what sony do thay will eventuality work around it after all thay did hack the ps3. but then this would not of hapond if sony just lissond do what ther customers asked for so realy what more would u expect

  • dekoo

    i think that i spent around £300 odd pounds i should be able to do what i like with my ps3..

  • Seb

    Nothing is unhackable sony spent a lot of time trying to prevent this and they failed horribly. Its apparent that they will fight this till the end, but at their cost. Lets all take a moment so we can honestly agree on one thing, Black Ops is a HUGE disapointment to the Call Of Duty line the graphics remind me of ps2 on a bad day. Up to 3-9-2011 Modern Warfare 2 was actually fun with the modded patch's. The laser sight, colored classes, akimbo thumpers, walking ac-130's, no recoil, aimbot, unlimited emergency airdrops, ufo mode, god mode, two players being in a heli. To tell you the truth i never deranked anyone and gave plenty of players admin access. I was told daily that I hosted the best challenge lobby's. Have we all forgot about Game Genie, has sony forgot about gameshark? Many of the extra features in the mod menu's added many cool things that IW and activision failed to incorporate, I discovered parts of maps that were fully playable. So when a company says it only does everything and someone comes along and gets the most out of their console they should be banned?

  • kc2_____xbox

    i hope this doesnt include infected ps3s becuase im hacked soooo much but i dont host lobbies and havent jailbroken or put patches into my ps3, though i can infext my ps3 via thumdrive… im happy for this becuase im sick of getting cl after cl but at the same time if i cant play online anymore ima be pissed

  • Lil_L4zy

    i did jailbreak my console, not knowing that is was illegal. I am a complete noob when it come to this kind of thing, but as soon as a I became aware of the full implications of this i deleted everything and re-installed all official firmwares. I only unlocked my PS3 so i could i copy my own games onto my hard drive, as i hate pirated games and cheaters. would i punished for this by sony. i have spent over £2000 on my PS3 and all games and i would hate to lose all that, becuase i made 1 stupid mistake.

  • Shyam

    If they make it mandatory to patch a game first before playing all u guys r screwed

  • geo

    who cares about PSN when you live in a place where there is a very slow internet connection and games are hard to come by.I do not know how to but if i do i feel sony would not care a bit because we are in Africa.We play games too.

  • kevon

    if i get banned i just gonna f*ck the xbox LOL

  • Tobuscus

    though i would love to just download games it will just happen like it happened with the psp…look at it in case you can't realise its half dead,as in there are barely any games coming to it now,though it has alot of potential(just look at jak and daxter,god of war CoO and GoS,ratchet and clank ETC).if we dont buy games they wont be making any and they could just shut down the servers for multiplayer if you guys will just say that you will paly multiplayer on the games you already have,it has nappened for multiplayer serveres to be cut off(some lord of the rings game for ps3…)

  • Necrosis

    You idiots aren’t hackers, you are little kids watching f**king YouTube tutorials. Stop getting delusions of grandeur, hackers have intelligence enough to spell things correctly.. Sick of morons like you lot pissing all over hacker ethic. You don’t even know anything about it.

    • richard

      so you're implying that people who created the jb for ps3 aren't hackers and that they simply when to youtube and searched for "how to build a cfw for ps3" or you're just trying to say you are the best hacker the world have to offer just because you can use a few big words ?! HA! trying to make a point does not mean i have act like a know it all asshole and use words that i spend hours to search for on and for you to call ppl who use youtube tutorials are little kids that aren't hackers, you are ignorant every hacker have to start somewhere its not like they just pop out of their mom's womb and just know everything

  • richard

    for all the ppl out there with jailbroken ps3…as if being able to play emulators and backup isn't enough, you just have to go and fucking cheat in games. it is precisely you dumdasses who are causing trouble for other ppl with jailbroken ps3s that use it for playing emulators and backups haven't any of you realize that ps3 jb is not as much of a cause for sony's uproar as these dumbasses that cheats in CoD. ppl that runs OFW complains about the hacking in the game which causes sony to look into the problem which then cause them to look into how are people hacking the game which THEN cause this shit that going on right now. STOP CHEATING IN A GAME!! DO YOU PPL SUCK THIS BAD THAT YOU HAVE TO CHEAT. this is strictly aimed towards cheaters not hackers that is only using jb for backup purposes

  • alan

    you guys do realise that u can just down grade from the jailbreak to the older versions. so you can go back to 3.55 (your ps3 is normal again) then update to the latest software. you guys have to realise these guys are hackers they know how to get around things like this.

  • truth

    alot of people here seem to be in favor and just as many against. i wont take sides but i believe sony is well within their right to do so. the ps3, like all consoles, requires an agreement to the EULA (end user license agreement) which simply means that yes, you own the hardware but the software is being rented, not with money, but with the expectation of using it within the guidelines described in the EULA. think about that all you people who say "im unlocking what i paid for further". no your not, you paid for a hard drive, processor, some usb ports, memory, etc… wrapped in a sleek black case with ps3 written on it. you do not own the software that allows these components to work together.

  • Thanks sony

    I played on my friends jailbreak ps3 and it was boring I'm never doing it to my ps3 thanks Sony for cleaning up

  • fersy

    some idiots on here. lol

    fanboys make me laugh. oh sony we love you haha.

    do you think they care about you in return no they dont or they wouldnt be trying to dictate to you what you can and cant do with your console that you paid your hard earned for and legally own.

    you are just a number on the bank balance to them.

  • Rights as a ps3 owner

    I’m all for unlocking consoles 100% I love the jail break because it let’s u fully customize the look of the dash board and other mise options
    I can’t stand cheaters in games takes the fun out but a nice thing to see is. The individual game compony finding a ban solution like vac in steam or just hav a hack detect where it compares data to other players
    Also nice thing I like about jailbreak is the real freedom u get with ur product I’m jailbroken but u don’t see me stop buying games also the jailbreak leave options to opensource add ons like map mods and other content


    wow any one who thanks hacking ruins the game is a complete dumass all it does is make the game more fun and i dont think sony will be baning anytime soon i hav a friend who has hosted challenge lobbies since mw1 and now does them in black ops and he has never had a problem with sony. if u dis agree with me then msg me on my ps3 ExStAtiC_MoDZz . O YEA AND FUCK SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BiN4RY

    Jesus Christ I think my IQ just significantly dropped just by reading all the absent minded and childish comments above

  • :::

    wtf, why do everywone combine jailbreak with piracy? with geohots jailbreak its was not possible to backup games or run pirated games. so stfu

  • skynet

    I'm soooo glad when I jailbroke my ps3 with PSfreedom awile ago I had to update the firmware to play nazi zombies on black ops online,so I lost the jailbreak and never got around to try the new jailbreak out there thats banning everyone! 🙂 It was cool for awhile but playing homebrew games got old! good luck to everyone jailbreaking there systems im not even going there with my system im a online player and dont want to buy another system.

    • Alejo

      hey i need help message me ASAP

  • xAsh

    Id just like to say i did the cfw jailbreak and you'll be happy to hear my ps3 got bricked as off today 27/01/2011 🙁

    • Haydn

      thats probably cause your hosting challenge lobbies online or something. !

  • nick

    what the!!!!!! thats so stupid, i know people who have the jailbreak but still buy games for it, thats gay, sony sucks ass big, im sure there are ways to tell if the game being played is pirated, in fact an example is lbp, they send data to see if the game is pirated then they kick u off the lbp server for good, thats how it should be done for those who pirated a ps3 game should be banned only on that game

  • james

    nice one sony 🙂
    nice to know that you are controlling the situation

  • lolihackurbumm

    dude this is retarded if they try to brick every single ps3 in the world, that would be almost 1 million ps3's, and then PSN would have an connection interupted for at least 2 weeks and u sound like a f@g who plays nothin but LBP if they do do this its gunna be too late b-ecause when u unjailbreak ur ps3, u still have the hack and challenge lobby, u just cant get free things off of PSN store which there are over 15 vids on utube to do this without a jailbroken ps3…. i know this b-ecause i un jailbroke my ps3 yesterday and my CL works just fine.


    And i LOVE to BUY all Games that i want.
    Copy-Game-User are the BIGGEST LOOSER of the World.

    • Outlawtothemax

      good for u…. u have money to waste because most games out there are garbage and i not wasting my money on garbage so good luck with sony and stopping hacks of today

  • Argh!!

    Hahaha, i LOVE to pirate all the games. LBP2 is awesome, even better now that is it FREE. Fuck u Sony and all the "ban" Fanboys. Yeehaw


    you guys are dum even if they did had a update we still have the cl on our ps3 so get it right dum A

  • Mike hacker

    Omfg you ppl r dumbass they wnt and can’t bann jb ps3 y? Cuz it doesn’t violate tos and jb is a new word from iPhone they were hacking ps3 since it came out they will nvr do that nd I hav a friend that work at Sony he name is John ge is in the secation that involes the banning nd they wil nvr stop it beacuse it’s good money for Sony to make

  • StevesPCTech

    I didn't want CFW for piracy. I wanted it for Homebrew and Linux. I also agree with Austin.

  • Austin

    UMM were not gettin banned its a rumor for all you twits out there sony cannot drop the 3.60 update yet, or else they wouldnt be suing gehuts for the jb- so you are in the clear to continue wiht what your doing but when it does come out you will have to update so just enjoy your time you could always re download the file manager and the blackbox

  • Tru Facts

    You guys take this way to serious first off anyone that says jailbreaking is stupid is a asshole. Cause your so dum that you don't know that true jailbreaking opens your console up for you. allowing you to enjoy your $635 or $499 or $399 purchase to the max. I have Geohots 3.55 and that allows me to play game back from the old days such as sonic 2 mighty morphan power rangers and super mario all stars as well as many more ROMs. now I don't play backups cause I own all my games so I don't need to in fact Geohots 3.55 cant play backups of PS3,PS2 or PS1 games but that's not what I want it for I wanted so I can play Emulators such as Super Nintendo,Sega Gensis,Gameboy Advanced,Neo Geo,Capcom Arcade Machines,and I really want to play N64 and dreamcast games as well not just the bullshit that sony gives you like crazy taxi & sonic adventure DX. Heres games you regular 3.55 owners can't play Lets get ready to rumble 1& 2 Dreamcast Games Sonic Adventure 2 battle Dreacast game, super mario 64 N64 game and many more so don't hate just appreciate and for the record I mean true facts Sony Computer Entertainment cant stop this now that it has started is only going to get worse. Think about it if sony could stop it why would they be trying to sue Geohots and get it banned off the internet when they could have just dropped 3.60 like everyday so scared about and fix this issue THAT'S BECAUSE THEY CANT I do not support piracy but do believe in freedom of WHAT THE FUCK I PAID FOR now comment on that Bitches

    • RAIU

      Brilliant. So until PS4 is up, I'll have to deal with online modders abusing the jailbreak to make hacks for games. Meh, at least I can get mkv support, FLAC support, and NTFS support, play music and games at the same time etc etc, sounds like I'm going to have a lot of fun on my ps3.

    • Ftw u can never beat a hacker

    • you have got to be one of the biggest dumb @ss ppl i have have had the unpleasur of reading, the HARDWARE belongs to you, not the SOFTWARE, sony can revoke your right to use any part of there software, and another thing, they are going after him to get the consoles protected from this happining to any other console, game systems arnt phones, they interact with other systems on a MUCH higher lvl than any iphone, becuase of what he did, he is now screwed, he will never be alowed to hack ever again

    • You are dumb

      Are you for real, "now I can do whatever I want with my playstation, like use it as an emulator for old systems" isn't that what computers are for. I do hope you know you were paying 400 bucks for a SONY PlayStation 3 not a sega dreamcast and N64, if you want one of those so badly, download an emulator for your COMPUTER, hook up a controller and there you go..Freedom of what you paid for my ass. There are terms and agreements that you have to abide by as soon as you buy it, you should know this, and jailbreaking clearly breaks those terms, if you spent 400 bucks just to break the terms and agreements they provided you with, you are clearly retarded. If you sign a contract where you can make say 200 bucks to make 10 batches of cupcakes, and you decide not to do it, the guy who made the contract has every right not to pay you the 200 bucks and can sue you for breaching the contract. You spending the money on the ps3 is how you sign up for that contract and you breached it by installing something that changes what the ps3 can and can't do and bypasses their security, you deserve to get your system bricked.

    • ian

      dont support piracy, you thick twat what do you think burned dvd’s and games are duhhhh

      • ian

        people dont realise sony could have you for breach of contract if your hdmi cable isnt a sony one. If you buy a cheap controller(non sony) again they are within there rights.(they probably wouldnt go as far as that) but they could do it, and people wouldnt have a leg to stand on. I dont mind hackers as long as they stay in there own little lobbies. It is when they are not giving anybody a chance to even respawn because of aimbot that is what pisses me off. I have had my ps3 froze from a hacker and had all my classes + clan tag changed. I just send them a message telling them to grow some balls and play properly they are spoilt kids who stamp there feet if they cant win.. LOSERS….

    • pete

      so you don't support piracy, but use emulators. pot calling the kettle black much? duh…

  • W00T

    Its true that.

  • Noob

    Wow, all you sony lovers out there. Just cause you're not smart enough to follow easy to read guides you hate on those who can haha, well done!

    I know you'll respond to this with the usual ignorant hateful comments but in the end what I said will remain true, so don't bother.

    Jailbreakers will never be stopped. MS didn't stop the 360 hackers and Sony is going be the same. It will be the Sony PSP all over again.

    • Umm, the sony psp is a joke, they gave up and dont care, they sell enough systems an games to over come any moders, and wtf are you taking bout ms not being able to stop modders? the newest fw prevents and burned games from working, even some burned DVDs dont work, get you facts str8

      • tttt

        Speak for yourself… I play xbox live all day long with burned games, the new firmware doesn't prevent jack.

      • yoguesswhoz

        yeah i play live with my x box (mod) and everything is great you just mad ps3 is getting hacked 🙂

  • -HackerFTWx

    hahahahaha… It will never end you do know that Ps3 has been Completely craked… meaning they have the keys…. Sony can put out 24534563456 updates and they will just update the JB…. and it does not brick your system.. Its rumor. People are just trying to get ppl to stop using CFW. All you have to do is download the newest 3.55 which is available from playstation network lol and use the hidden menu on your ps3.. that gets rid of the package files… thats what sony doesnt like. so i cant load games to my system but i can still run mods all day online.. So good luck… You can Never Beat a HACKER….

    • Ben

      i have all this shit aswell lol……i have jailbreak but i also have the package file folder how do i get rid of the folder?

    • chez

      how do u get normal 3.55 back??

      • NTAPRO

        just download 3.55 ofw and but it on a flash drive or what ever and when u go to system update, update it from a removable device >_>

        • El-Plebe

          how do u hide black box?

    • jack der hacker :)

      yes m8 .. i luv haking .. u luv hacking .. a ps3 without hacking ?? boring .. y u complaining people .. just becos u carnt do it .. well haha … thell just keep updating jailbreak … m8 just 2 b safe update ur ps3 bak to 3.55 jut to b safe .. i av

    • Dragon

      You say you cant be stoped ok, how bout if Sony takes away the download link, um, yeah that will stop you, wait, thats what they are doing, you have to run the firmware through a computer program to jb it, what CAN'T be downloaded cant be cracked, hacked, or jb, would love to see your ps3 bricked for you not even knowing how it can be done

    • ian

      you are just crap at playing the properly.

  • Jonathan

    shit 🙁 i better not get banned for having CFW

  • ps3 owner

    Lets get rolling on the bans! MW2 is unplayable online. I hope all these cheaters get what they deserve. I'd be happier if they bricked every system that was hacked!

    • Ps3homebrewer

      MW2 has always been unplayable online dude. it's such a pos game.
      and if sony intentionally bricks modded system, they can easily be sued.. soooo good job?

    • NTAPRO

      well you can always go back to ofw >_>
      its not that hard lol

    • damo

      if thay did brick every sytem that has been hacked that means 90% of ppl who has a ps3 will be banned


    run bicthes RUN party is over
    traitors .. Judas
    I know you all trying to reset your ps3 by now
    even if you do they will know that you got blood in your hands…

    true gamers dont care about OS BS
    who let the dog out !!!

    • NTAPRO

      resetiing a ps3 isnt necesarry for those who arent idiots
      and besides the only current way for sony to even know u have a hacked console is that they can see your game history and see what app or what ever you're on on your profile
      just like any of ur psn friends can

  • sonyyoco

    Yeah Baby! firmware 3.60 and beyond cannot come soon enough, I hope it bricks every jailbroken console out there and does away with username accounts and DLC, to hell with the F@ggL@@ggers who want to ruin it for everyone else, there are already reports of CFW bricking consoles especially the slim, yeah! woohoo, now Sony can start making money repairing all those damaged consoles, I think it’s like what $150 bucks, yeah! get ready to pay douchebags yeah! long live Sony and its products.

    • -HackerFTWx

      i just really hope you know that GeoHOtz completely cracked the ps3…. That means they have the keys… anytime sony updates the JB updates…. They said themselves… ITS CRACKED>>> They can update their JB anytime sony makes a move… all you have to do now is hide your PackageFIles or delete them…. Thats what they dont like.. They could care less about people modding online.. They dont want people getting games for free… thats the big issue here… Ppl think that sony is listening to ppl crying about people cheating online but truth is they dont give a shit… They are thinking about themselves… The package files mean they can rent games and store them on there system.

      • Eric

        Exactly! I use CFW! And host mw2 lobbies! Add Firerock67

      • coolperson

        yup all true but all i do is hack online dont downlaod or anything

        • PlayStationFreak

          alot of people dont understnd that all this stuff is happening over time just because nothing has happen to you yet does NOT mean it wont, best part is when all you loser hackers gets wats comin for ya no one is gunna care cuz everyone that does it legal and proper will always be playin, besides not are fault you big babys can play a game without hacken cuz you aint got any real skills 😀

    • guest

      Get ur facts straight. Its the fat models with the 250mb nand flash that are bricking. The slims with 16mb nand are fine with CFW.

    • NTAPRO

      yeah yeah
      but sony failed on the part of not making all the ps3s ps2 compatible
      i understand that there were some unavoidable things but common alot of people wanted a ps3 and were gonna abandon their ps2 consoles just so they can play both games on a ps3 lol

    • Haydn

      your wrong how will sony be making money. ! there going to lose millions and millions of dollars. !

    • ThatGuyOverThere

      Bricking people with CFW PS3 would be illegl. Denying accsess to PSN – Their Choice

  • annoyedlegitPS3user

    Ban them all. I hope they send Geohot and his scum pirate buddies to a prison without soap on a rope!

    • NTAPRO

      all that isnt necessary first of all. lol @ sony's current case with geohotz and it osnt lookign too good for sony atm. and geohotz purposely disabled support for backup games and the like so no pirated games but more like emulators and other stuff are available. but wait theres more! OTHER hackers have actually released cfw with support for backup managers so lets see sony get on to those. at least geohotz prevented piracy with his cfw u @$$

  • sonyyoco

    hooray I can't wait for sony to start cleaning house, I hope every jailbroken PS3 becomes a big pile of hot cow patty poopoo. LOL long live sony and its products.

    • Sony_Fanboy

      You know I absolutly agree with you

      • That Guy

        As do I. I'm done with online hackers.

        • fezi

          i had that hack thing on 3.41 but now its just epic cant play a single game .every time i join there always cl fed up cant wait for 3.60

        • Haydn

          Dude sony wont band them. if sony do then they are going to lose million and million of dollars. ! and sony would probably get sued for braking everyones ps3's!

    • NTAPRO

      only an idiot (which there are alot of) wouldnt understand and not go back to 3.55 ofw anyways besides i dont mind snes, gba, nes, or arcade games on the ps3. sony does have some great products though 😀 the first ps3 was one of them 😀


      That's not going to stop the hack. Because the software you can get when jailbroken, you would thingk differently about all the hacking. And by the way not all ps3 hackers are bad, some let people have fun. Especially mw2, if you haven't seen a good CHALLANGE LOBBY in there, it would all be because all the people reporting the hackers. Which makes people mad, so giving hackers a chance believe it or not would actually be good.

    • Gowtham

      The costs of the games are 3000 each……India is a poor country……….So keep that in mind and try to lower the costs of the ps3 b dvds…………Then jailbreaks wont happen