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Dynasty Warriors 7 – New Screenshots and Details Revealed

Although it was only about a week or so that I brought you the last screenshots for the upcoming hack-and-slash title Dynasty Warriors 7, it now appears we have more to bring. Tecmo Koei obviously feels as though the fans need more teasing, as they’ve recently released several more screens.

According to Shui Ta over at (where you can view a slideshow of the new screens), the newly-released screenshots are from the PlayStation 3 version of the game. Fans haven’t got too much of a wait until the game arrives, as it’s scheduled for a North American release in March 22nd.

The news doesn’t stop with the new screenshots either, as there now appears to be more details available. According to Jim Sterling over at, the Dynasty Warriors 7 game’s Chronicle Mode features both online and split-screen co-op play just in case you want to play with a mate.

Story Mode on the other hand appears to be single-player only. Characters will no longer boost their stats by gaining experience within battle, but boost them through items instead. Dynasty Warriors 7 won’t feature any “guest” characters from previous Warriors spin-offs or Tecmo titles either.

Are you a fan of the Dynasty Warriors titles?


  • matthew

    i love the DW series but i wish they would go back to the 8 body guards that you could have in DW3. i loved having a small army with me that could kick but.

    • Romeo

      dw series is amazing and i have no dout that this one will be the same. yeah it would be awesome if they but in body gaurds again


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