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Olympus XZ-1: Features, Specs and Accessories

Who would have thought that one day Olympus would have used its iZuiko lenses on a point-and-shoot instead of their SLRs or micro four-thirds PEN cameras? Well they have and decided to show the XZ-1 off during CES 2011. We had hoped to offer you details earlier, but we just had so much other news to report.

Stuff.TV learned from Olympus the reason why they decided to use their iZuiko lenses in this sub-£400 camera, and that was to help reduce ghosting and flare in the lower range. So let us go over some of the specs, features and also accessories that are already available for the new X-Series camera.

Some of the features and specs include: 10-megapixel, 4X iZuiko zoom lens, HD video recording, dual image stabilization, underwater housing and much more. Then there is the accessory port, which Olympus has already built a number of products for.

There are two flashes available, the FL-14 and the FL-36R Flash; the price for these are $199.99 and $229.99 respectively. The next accessory is the Macro Arm Light (MAL-1); the price is $59.99. For details on other accessories for the XZ-1 compact camera visit the official Olympus website.



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