Facebook Down Today: First time in 2011

By Peter Chubb - Jan 14, 2011

If you thought you would try to catch up with a few friends on Facebook, then forget it, as the social network service is currently down today. This is the first time that the website has gone down in 2011, let us hope that this is not the start of things to come.

Having said that, it is not very often that Facebook goes down. The last time the service went down was back on September 23, 2010 due to a DNS failure, we have yet to learn the reason for this downtime. We have also noticed that all of the widgets are not working on websites; so do no expect any activity there then.

My wife and I have now been trying for an hour to get on Facebook and are still unsuccessful; how long have you been trying for? Once we know more we will update this post. Is Facebook down for you? Please let us know and what you plan to do in the meantime.

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