The Last Story: No US / European Release Planned

By Tina Chubb - Jan 13, 2011

If you live in the United States or Europe and were hoping to get your hands on a copy of The Last Story, then I think we have some rather disappointing news for you. It appears that the upcoming RPG title won’t be released outside of Japan – not at this stage anyway!!

According to Matthew Reynolds over at (sourced from, Nintendo has just announced that it has no current plans to release The Last Story in North America or Europe. Japanese gamers on the other hand will receive the Nintendo Wii game on January 27th.

Both Nintendo and the developer, Mistwalker, have put together a brand new trailer for the upcoming game, which according to Jorge B at shows off various battle scenes, boss fights, town exploration and even a few of the impressive CGI sequences.

It also gives us a quick glimpse of the online play and character customization. I know the game is not being released outside of Japan, but you might still want to check the trailer out. Are you disappointed that the game won’t be arriving in Europe and North America?

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  • SarahS

    I'm in tears after reading this article…..I guess I have to go learn Japanese now!

  • DeathNeff

    the last story will not see the Light of the Day outside of JAPAN??!! how unfortunate that will leave me no choice but to import it from