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White iPhone 4: Release Date on Verizon Imminent?

We have recently confirmed the great news that a Verizon iPhone is finally on the way next month, but now we have some details to share with you, which could suggest that the White iPhone 4 on Verizon could be available as well.

According to this Slashgear article published recently, Verizon posted their iPhone 4 product page online fairly quickly after the announcement was made at their event. To everyone’s surprise, Verizon included a choice of colors for the iPhone 4, either White or Black, available for the price of $199 on contract for the 16GB model.

This has now been corrected by the company, and you can no longer see the White iPhone 4 in the choice of colors on the product page. But was this simply an error on Verizon’s part, or do they know that Apple has now sorted their production problems for the elusive device.

Neither Apple or Verizon have confirmed the existance of the White model, but the very fact that Verizon posted it online on their product page may be an indication that it is on the way soon. Let us know your thoughts on this – do you think Verizon know something we don’t?



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