Nintendo 3DS UK Release Date and Price Confirmed?

By Jamie Pert - Jan 12, 2011

Today we have some great news regarding the Nintendo 3DS UK release date and pricing, currently UK retailers such as WHSmith, Woolworths and Besy Buy are taking pre-orders for the upcoming device, however it looks as if the placeholder price of £299 may be quite a lot more than the handheld’s actual RRP.

According to a recent article posted on MCV its looks as if they have been led to believe that it will arrive on UK shelves on or around March 25th, a price bracket of £200-£230 has also been given, MCV did not reveal their source for this information.

It is thought that an official release date and price will be release in a weeks time at Nintendo’s Amsterdam event, currently the Nintendo DSi retails at around £150-£180 in UK stores, therefore I think that a a £200-£230 would be extremely popular with consumers, what do you think?

Apparently Sony will soon release details regarding their PSP2, therefore finding the right price-point may be essential to the Nintendo’s success with the 3DS, also with smartphones becoming more and more impressive at gaming and rumors of a PlayStation Phone people may not be keen to fork out for a dedicated handheld gaming device.

As and when we find out solid details regarding the release date and price for the Nintendo 3DS we will keep you posted.

What price do you think is right for the 3DS?

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  • Danny

    £230 sounds like a great price, why should it not be more expensive than the WII? The wii is £180 and it’s nearly 5 years old and using old technology

  • wez

    whoever has said that its 200-230 is a retard , the CAN NOT price it over the wii, and the wii is £200 ,, it has to be 190 or 180 , dont believe this crap.

  • mike

    i think 230 for a hand held device is bloody taking the michael i for one will not be getting it why would anyone at hat price