DC Universe Online: Review Roundup – PC / PS3

By Peter Chubb - Jan 14, 2011

Earlier today we spoke about some of the problems that gamers have been experiencing with DC Universe Online. So now we thought we would offer a review roundup of the game, which is available for the PS3 and PC. However, the issue we have is that most of the information available to use is for the Sony console only.

Neocrisis has given the game a 9 out of 10, and you can tell right away that Jazzking2001 was going to love the game, as he made a point of being excited about playing with some of the heroes/villains that he grew up with. His review is very in-depth and knows that the game has a lot to give, and the opening sequence makes certain to drag you into the game from the start.

Reviews for the game are few and far between, but one that we came across that needed a mention was from Bleeding Cool. I can tell from the start that Rich Johnston is not a fan of such games, but he has given it the benefit of the doubt. However, he makes no bones about how tedious MMOs are – not expecting much from this review then.

Next up is not a review as such but a first impressions video that we have for you below. This is for the beta version, but still gives you a great impression of what you can expect from the full game. What are your first thoughts on the game? Is there anything that should be included in the first update?

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  • CP2

    Your experience with this is is like night and day to my experience. This game is fluid on my end. Maybe your game settings are set to high. I was running XP 32 bit with 3 gigs of ram AMD Phenom II x4 945 3.0 Ghz. I was running so messed up. Froze almost everytime I wanted to zone. Then I upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit. Runs like a champ. So you might want to upgrade drivers or even downgrade some drivers. Or if you are running XP, please get Windows 7. It's so much better and your DC universe online experience will be better as well.

    As far as the actually game content itself there are plenty of ups and as few downs. This game has plenty of potential. Lets just hope they stick with it. Also, you can play with an Xbox or PS3 controller, which makes a WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE.

    I also hate when people make blizzard the de facto MMO RPG development source. Others can do it too. WoW ain't the best MMO out there. There is no best MMO, just different flavors. WoW had it's share of problems when it came out. Expecting games to be perfect in their debut is like expecting Osama bin Laden to give himself up…will never happen.

  • Chris

    DC online has serious problems, for me its a waste of money, they should have talked to the people at Blizzard before createing the game, it's slow, jerky and confining in so far as what U have to do just to get started. The characters are hard to control and it's hard to target what you want too. We should have options on how we want our toons to move.