DC Universe Online: PC / PS3 Problems?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 12, 2011

DC Universe Online had been in the development stage for a little over two years, but was finally released on January 11, 2011. The game is a joint venture with Warner Bros and Sony Online Entertainment, and is not only available for the PS3 but for the PC as well. Now you will be able to control not only the heroes but the villains of the DC comics as well.

As the game has only been available for a day we do not expect much in the way of problems, but that has not stopped a few reports coming in. The first issue that we came across on the GameSpot Forum was the fact that the redeem code did not work for one user, we wonder if this has happened for anyone else?

Also another users on the same forum had a problem with launching the game. This was also another code issue, but there is a detailed way in how to get he game to load, which you can read for yourself here.

We have noticed a few more issues that have been posted on GameFAQS, again this is the PS3 version, we have no details if these problems that we will list bellow affect the PC version at all. The first is the ‘No ground glitch’. What happens here is when the ground has not fully rendered, then there is a small chance that you can fall through it.

The most worrying glitch is how the game can wipe all your saved data on your PS3 – now if true that is one to worry about. These are just some of the problems that people have been experiencing with DC Universe Online, we do not have any issues with PC issues just yet – maybe you know of one or two?

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  • mini

    i have recently put this game on my partners laptop and it keeps coming up with XINPUT1_3.dll missing from computer… and tells us to reinstall the game when it tooks us almost 3 days to install in the first place, i have this game on my laptop and am also having problems that everytime i log on it needs to update which takes forever… having had this game previously i WAS happy with it but now after the problems since re installing im verrrryyyy unhappy with this game and have been forced to make a new account since it takes 24hours before i can get my old password… MAJOR thumbs down from me and im verry disappointed with what has been done to the game.

    Rant over!

    Deleting the game and will not recommend it to anyone!

  • badcandy

    i dont know why but when i play me villain i hear a beep then the screen freezes and stays like that until i turn my computer off but when i play my hero it doesnt happen

  • udtfsdmxcs

    i have a problem with the install i’m 99.6% and think it is stuck. Thats makes me mad for the last 120mb it get stuck. Please help with this.

    • Jimakos4me

      I have the same prob with you bro i unistall it and install it like 10 times ans still safe prob.What should i do to play …

      • Jimakos4me

         i was w8ing like 10 hours and stuck on 99% again and again!!!!

  • Lucas

    I have a problem with dc universe online PC put to install long before reaching the 61% to 61.7% when it was not stopped everything hangs low over already uninstalled and installed again and nothing when it comes to 61% can someone help me please ?

  • Blue Jacket X

    Everytime i do a major mission it says its not even done…Ive beat all the spirits in the building, save the jury duty guy and beat specter…..after that after leaving it says go back and beat specter…i went back and theres no enemy insight.

  • Nabile Hammia

    i’m doing ‘Out On The Streets’ mission but every time i try to collect venom samples it dosen’t move it just stays where it is

  • i chose the batman path and i cant fight the screamers everytime i try to hit them they take no damage what do i do

    • War Flowers

      Im having the same problem as you . and it happens with all the paths .

  • Lukasz Lipiec

    i downloaded 9.3 gb and it stopped. wtf ?!

  • Lukasz Lipiec

    i downloaded 9.3 gb and it stopped. wtf ?!

  • Lukasz Lipiec

    i downloaded 9.3 gb and it stopped. wtf ?!

  • Murillo1414

    I bought it on PS store.. 13 GB of download more updates.. total 10 hours dowloading and I played it… everything its perfect BUT I have been disconnected and after when I come back my character was gone… the game erased my character ¬¬ I hope that its not repeat again…

  • Roxie

    I don't even get to play. Every time I try to launch it it makes my computer crash and I have tried everything different computers and it still won't work.

  • karl Jean

    I finish downloading and it is so slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i play. I don't get it



  • qwertyuiopasdfghjklz

    it took a really long time to download. then the power went out and i had 2 download it AGAIN!!! is this normal???

  • guest

    Similar problems with downloading the patches for PC. Almost 24 hrs after starting the download, it still refuses to get that last .2 megs…

    Any solutions?

  • swad

    guys i have problem on (dc universe) on ps3
    i use my code and after it i i Install it and after thes he come to me by download
    2,433MP i done from the one after it he come to me by download 117 MP
    on thes one i cant done bc he all time on 35% back to 0%

    how i can repair thes problem?

  • chowwil

    Bought the PS3 version and ended up returning it. It took 2 1/2 hour for PS3 to do all updates for game and whaen it was done, it wouldn't launch. Tried 10 times and nothing. Got fustrated and returned back to Amazon for a refund.

  • Fafafooey

    PS3 version

  • Fafafooey

    DC Universe is a great idea. But, the execution is horrible. 3 long downloads which all total more than 3 hours before actual gameplay. I get the qued message im line waiting as number 437, then after the wait for that they disconnect me and I try all over again for 8 times. When in gameplay, there is some bugs with regenerating your health when getting beat up and running away. You hide on a roof or in a corner but still no health coming back. Acrobatic power is hit or miss on the controls. When you try your flight power to escape from death it makes you hover in the air till your dead. Being in a group with people to do missions sucks because if you choose one of your mission the other person cant see where to go. Leveling up is easy till lvl 10, then you just want to start another character because you die too easy for your lvl 10, 9 or 8 missions. YOU CAN MAKE WOMAN characters nipples be seen by having skin as glow the decrease brightness took look like flesh. No, I wasnt doing this on purpose the $h!t just happen.

  • JimBob0406

    ive had plenty of problems. for starters my redeem code wouldn't work. then when it finally did i had too do 3 seperate updates. i've had the game since release on friday, around 3pm. and i still haven't played it. the 3 and hopefully last update is still going. it's up too 61% and has been going for 41 hours 37 min's. i've contacted playstation and they said they've had no reports of this problem and theirs nothing they can do. ive to just let it run its course. so it looks like ive had my pants pulled down.

    • DCUO SUCKS knob

      You must have the slowest broadband in the world me old mucka

    • Wycked77

      same prob. here got the game online throu the store. started downloading the 14 gb patch know 2 days later just at 62% called them and the just told me that my inet ist to slow …( 11.3 Mbps ) every other download works great 2 gb in ca 10min . …. but dc universe is slow as f…

  • Derek

    what are you talking about i bought DC online for pc and i cant even activite it well im glad eb does returns off to eb tomorrow….