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COD MW3 Guns: Weapons and Perks List – What do you Want?

Now that Call of Duty Black Ops has been out for a number of months, we thought we would switch our attention to the next game, which could be the third installment in Activision’s ‘Modern Warfare’ franchise.

We’ve noticed that our previous articles on best weapons and perks for Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops were hugely popular with our readers, so it’s now time to engage your thoughts on what weapons and perks you would like to see in Modern Warfare 3.

Are you totally satisfied with the current weapon list in Black Ops, or would you prefer to see some weapons from Modern Warfare 1 and 2 return for the new game? For example, we know that the G36C assault rifle from Modern Warfare 1 was very popular, and the ACR assault rifle from Modern Warfare 2 was a personal favorite of mine as well.

As the perks, do you have any ideas for new perks that you would like to see introduced into Modern Warfare 3? Would you like to see Danger Close and Juggernaut return, and Commando scrapped, or do you have a different preference? We think the Hacker Pro perk in Black Ops was a neat idea, and the ability to booby trap care packages could be looked at in more detail for Modern Warfare 3.

If you are looking forward to Modern Warfare 3, let us know what weapons and perks list you would choose for the game. What would you add/remove?



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