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Best Low Impact Exercise Apps – Improve Your Body

Keeping fit seems to get harder and harder the longer we leave it, but it is especially worse right after the holidays. One of the best ways to get fit has to be low impact exercise, and there are ways to do this without the need for joining a gym or spending a huge amount of money on exercise machines. Did you know that there are a number of apps available designed just for this?

Having looked on App Shopper we have found two apps that look to be the best for low impact exercise. The first app for the iPhone is ‘Isometrics – Low Impact Exercises Anywhere’ and costs just $1.99. Some of the features on this app include 50 exercise guides that target each muscle group, charts to keep track of your progress, reminder alarms, and much more.

The second app is called ‘Me Too Fitness: Low Impact Aerobic vol.11’ and has a price of $4.99. This app is great in the way that it helps to improve your muscle co-ordination, which is very important when it comes to getting fit. This app also features videos of a dance teacher, which certainly helps you do the moves easier than just reading them.

These are just two apps that we managed to find, but we are certain that there are more than that available. Please share with our readers which apps you use for low impact exercise, and what your results were. We know that there are certain apps on the market that have been developed just to give you that flat stomach, which we have covered for you in more detail in our recent post.



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