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Apple iPad 2 Announcement Coming: Video Teaser First?

CES is over for another year, and we could tell that 2011 will be the year of the tablet, which we discussed in more detail in a previous post. One tablet that we knew would not make an appearance was the iPad 2, even though we did see a case for the 2nd-generation Apple tablet. However, an announcement might be coming sooner than you think if a recent video is anything to go by.

We are not certain how true this news is, but we have learned via Trusted Reviews that GearZap was at CES 2011, and during the event spotted what they believe the iPad 2 will look like. The tablet device in the video below is a dummy, which was given to a Chinese accessories supplier.

The video does not give much away, but we can see that there will be a front and rear-facing camera. The back will have a sort of sharper bezel instead of a rounded one on the current iPad.

However, the biggest difference that I can see is at the bottom rear of the device. We can clearly see in the video vents to help supply air and keep things cool. This is certainly interesting, as it means that Apple might have improved on the hardware, which means that it needs to be kept much cooler.

Just remember that this is all speculation, but we hope that Steve Jobs will make an announcement soon.



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