Verizon iPhone 4: Buy on Release Date or wait for iPhone 5?

By Alan Ng - Jan 11, 2011

If you have been keeping a close eye on Verizon’s ongoing live event, you won’t need us to tell you that the company has finally confirmed that Verizon will be releasing a CDMA version of the iPhone 4.

The question is though, are you going to buy it straight away, or wait until Apple announce the iPhone 5? Although there has been hints of brand new features aside from CDMA support, it looks as if Verizon’s version is going to be exactly the same as the current iPhone 4, and you’ll also want to know that the iPhone 4 on Verizon won’t support their 4G LTE network.

It’s no time for complaining though, as Verizon owners are probably delighted that they’ll finally have an alternative to AT&T in the US. The Verizon iPhone will be available on February 10th, priced at $200 (16GB model) – which may raise a few eyebrows or two. If Apple stick to their usual trend and announce the iPhone 5 this Summer at WWDC 2011, then it will certainly be an interesting choice as far as Verizon subscribers are concerned.

Do you just buy the iPhone 4 on Verizon out of sheer excitement, or hold back a few months in case Apple decide to unleash the iPhone 5 this Summer. You can bet that the next generation iPhone will also be on Verizon now that there are no secrets, so what are you planning to do?

We’ve created a poll below for you to have your say on this. We’ll be bringing you full details on the Verizon iPhone shortly.

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  • gattibidhi

    As i said in previous comment, I definately like to go for iPhone 5G.
    I agree with what people are sharing but I believe iPhone 5G will be far more better mobile phone.
    I too do believe this, there's a huge network problem in iPhones, esp. in country like mine.
    As far in US concern, I believe it's good enough.
    Anyway, I'll go with iPhone 5G ! I wait for the date it release.

  • Rebekah

    Obviously the coverage is based on the location in which you live. Marketing in FL seems to be a wider spectrum for AT&T versus VZW. I have verizon and have minimal coverage where I live dropping calls left and right in my home. As far as speculation in the Apple iphone for either carriers… I doubt VZW will be left behind this summer for the release of the iphone 5. I bought my boyfriend the iphone 4 for verizon and we are pleased with it at the moment however I personally am waiting til this summer in hopes of getting an improved version of iphone in general. The only blow to VZW is that they are claiming to have a "temporary" unlimited data plan to the iphone… why the change all of the sudden when I have been enjoying my $30 unlimited data plan for over a year now? So disappointing!

  • Brian B

    Ya, I'm pretty confused on what to do as I've been waiting for 3 yrs to get an iphone. I'm also thinking of waiting till April till the ipad 2 comes out and see what happens as we also don't know if they'll do away with the unlimited dataplans like AT&T did. I travel a lot for busniess and wish it would be a world phone with sim card, but gotta go with Verizon.

  • JasonB.

    Since the 4G LTE network won't be available in my area for at least another year and a half, I'm planning on getting the iphone 4 pretty close to the release date. Stoked!

  • cc0868

    AT&T had its time with the iphone advantage. They took it for granted. No service and reception coverage improvement has come to today's customer dissatisfaction. No one to blame.
    I will definitely switch to Verizon as this is to reward a better company which has invested into its business.
    I doubt that iphone 5 will come out this summer unless the 5 will be able to use 4G LTE network.
    LTE network is not widely installed.

    • jxwx

      <SHRUG> Criticism of AT&T's network is, at best, anecdotal… I've had over a decade of service with AT&T and I can count the number of dropped calls I've experienced on one hand… So… Please… Jump to Verizon… If you think Verizon is any better, go for it… I think you'll find that the Verizon commercials are just as full of marketing pablum as those fronted by AT&T…

      • dsj

        i currently use a t&t blackberry for work and a droid for personal. let me tell u that verizon is hundreds of times better. walking down certain areas of 5th avenue in manhattan OUTDOORS i have no reception on my at&t.

      • Jessica

        I had AT&T for several years myself. After switching service to Verizon, I don't have to stand in the corner of my house to make a call. I don't drop calls while sitting in my driveway. AT&T's disapointing network coverage is overshadowed only by how horible their customer service is.

  • Pete

    Apple will want to stay in line with the rest of the 4G phones that will be release summer, 2011.

  • LDG

    Even though the tradition with Apple & AT&T has been to release upgrades to their new phones every summer, I highly doubt that an iPhone 5 will come out to Verizon in the summer and it seems more than likely, it would be in Janaury 2012.