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Apps For The Bachelor In 2011

Whenever I think of a bachelor, I think of a man that does not want to stay tied down to any one woman and spends his entire life having fun. However, I did not know that to be a true bachelor there are certain standards that needs to be upheld. So we thought we would have a search and find what looks to be the best apps for the bachelor in 2011.

The first app is called The Complete Bachelor and costs just $0.99. This app for Apple iOS devices helps to teach any bachelor etiquette and other such skills needed to take on this role. There are better apps, which we will look at now.

Next up we have The Complete Bachelor Guide, which costs $1.99. This guide looks to be more in-depth than the previous one, as there are guides on a number of topics, such as how a bachelor should act in public, how he should dress and a whole host of other manners.

Three other apps that need a mention, which are as follows; Silicon Valley Bachelor, Bachelor’s Banquet, The Bachelor’s Grub Guide – Over 100 Recipes. The first app is more of a fun one, the second cost $0.99 and will help you cook that perfect meal for your lady friends. The final app costs a massive $9.99 and is for the iPad, but it does make it easier when trying to follow a recipe.

What tips do you have for a bachelor?



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