Motorola Xoom Price: How Much Would You Pay?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 10, 2011

Since the Motorola Xoom tablet was announced last week during CES 2011 there has been much speculation as to its price and release date. However, CNET UK has recently learned from Android Community that the device had been expected to cost about £660, but has since increased to £720. We recently reported that the release date could be in May on Verizon in the U.S.

They say that by the time the Xoom is released the price could be even higher, but I doubt if that will be the case; let us remember that the iPad 2 and the BlackBerry PlayBook are both due for launch over the coming months. Personally I cannot see the device costing £720, as that is over $1100 – although consumer electronic devices such as tablets always cost more in the UK because of the huge amount of tax that the government add on.

TechRadar is even shocked at the huge price tag, as they say that not even the 64GB iPad Wi-Fi and 3G costs that much. It seems as if Motorola is putting a large premium on the fact that this tablet will have a dual-core processor – but then again so does the PlayBook.

We can certainly see why Motorola will want to charge so much for the new Xoom tablet, but there are so many factors that needs to be considered, but there are still a number of other tablets coming to the market that you should also consider. How much are you prepared to pay and is there another tablet that you would consider?

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  • dave

    The most I would pay is $650 US. That is of course if they don't require a month of 3g to activate WiFi.

  • Sarah

    I Think ti would be about 350$

  • jim

    For those who don't want and/r need a tablet, don't buy it. For all th others just think of that : Apple sold 14m ipads in 2010! A device in which you can't drop your music,pics,videos etc, a device without camera! a device with no flash support (internet is flash you know??) a device that you have to pay for a premium to add an app. And you are still discussing about the 700$ for Xoom? Come on people, get serious…..

  • Jpg

    I would consider it at $450.

  • Rer

    Wow these price sugestions are absurd, I assume all the posts come from Invested interests, like one Motorola guy multiposting por intance.

  • Luke

    I still can’t figure it out for myself whether I actually need one or simply a bigger smartphone would be better for my needs. I don’t see myself carrying it around in a bag, plus I already have a smartphone. At home it can’t replace my laptop either…

    When it comes to Apple vs. Android I’d never go for the sandboxed app concept of iOS – you can’t share files between the applications and if that might work for a phone to a certain extend, it’s definitely a nogo for a tablet usage IMHO.

  • Bob Saget

    I don’t think it should go over $800. If that’s the case I could just buy a new laptop.

  • Selinios

    I would be willing to pay 550 euros, about 610 $. But the new ipad is coming and if pricing i similar to the iphone 3-4 change then it would be a lot pricier. I think an interesting choise could be notionink adam with 500 euro for the expensive model with the pixel qi screen, which means worse performance in colour but excellent battery life and the option of an e-book reader analogue, with n vidia tegra II

  • MAGS-Online

    Isn't history repeating itself? The iPad was rumored to cost about $1000 but when it finally was released, it was half the price. I do hope the same will be for Motorola Xoom. If it is not, I'd rather stick to the iPad as a laptop substitute.

  • Mike

    $450 -$550 would be about right for one that's unlocked with wifi and 3g. If Moto sells them unlocked overseas in then U.S. Military exchanges they would sell a boat load.

  • David green

    The Ipad2 32gb wi fi with 3G will be $699 then pay monthly.
    Xoom will be $399 with 2 year contract.
    I would rather pay $399 with 2 year contract.

  • Kyle

    Ive been reading 660$ euros is the latest rumour.Thats like over 700$ us. Heard thats after they bumped up the price. Keep trying moto.

  • Nick

    The changed their price! it is now "To be Confirmed" It might actually be cheaper after all!!

  • Mark L

    The is a reason that Motorola went from the top of the heap to somewhere near the bottom. I can buy the Viewsonic witth the same CPU for $369 today. The only thing that is holding me from buying it is lack of built in gps. It might seem silly to some, but I want gps. When I travel, I wan to be able to just grab the tablet and leave my laptop and gps behind. It's all about utility.

  • I can guarantee you that iPad 2 will not have all of the features that Xoom has… for one, plenty of its features go beyond Apple's design mantra. For instance, iPhone 4 still does not have the input/output options common in Android devices. The browser is likely to be the same safari lite version in all previous models. And I doubt it will be sporting the same punch of processing power and video capabilities.

  • Imzo79

    WOW… over $1000 for a tablet, and here was i thinking that the iPad was overpriced (which it is), but 'overpriced' in this case is quite an understatment. While i agree that it looks like a good piece of tech which dual core cpu, HD screen etc, i just cant see where all the cost is coming from – surely they aint charging for a 'FREE' OS.

    All i know is that if the price still stands upon release then i think i might consider the Notion Ink Adam which has almost the same spec with the same dual core cpu, also not forgetting the PixelQi screen and that is gonna cost at least less than hald the price of the Xoom…. pretty big error for Motorola if they think that is 'Competitive'…

  • GB1

    If it's $1000 then its DOA. I can't see why these things would be any more expensive to produce than a laptop except maybe the touch screen. Duel core CPUs are becoming standard and I can't imagine these costing that much more for Motorola in material costs. Given all this, it should cost no more than the iPad, which as others have noted is already too expensive.

  • Kyle

    Oh and the Asus slider has all the same specs basically as the Xoom at 40% less. lll buy that if thats the case.

  • Kyle

    I wont pay a dime more then the IPAD. By the time it comes to canada IPAD2 will be out with probably all the extras xoom has. So 1000$ is rediculas. I don't think that there is a Android Hoity-toity market out there since thats IPAD's market.

  • PAF

    $399 for 64gb wi-fi only model.

    • agl

      I agree here! 399, Wi-Fi only

  • David3325

    I say $599 w/o contract $299.99 with contract.

    • Henry

      If they're that cheap, I'll get two of them! One for me and one for Father's Day!

  • compared to an M1Touch you can get a windows 7 enabled tablet with 10.1 screen and front facing cam touch for about 499, pimped out for 599, and it's unlocked.. I don't know why they would charge so much for something like this. The worst thing i've heard from these new tablets is that they're priced 'competitively' to the iPad… Sorry, when i buy a MS or an Apple product, I expect the software bloat price. For the Droid, I was under the impression that the price would be much cheaper, because the OS is free. Sounds like price gouging to me.____

    • David3325

      Umm thats free as in speech not free as in beer.

    • GeniusGamer

      I agree since Android is "free" where is the added cost coming from the duel-core! When facing the age that dual core is outdated in notebooks why would we pay a premium for them in a tablet. I would pay $499.99 with contract and $899.99 w/o contract because they should only be making a profit on the hardware they are offering not android!

      • Henry

        No, you guys are ignoring the fact that this is the most technically advanced tablet on the market as well. From the Tegra 2 chip, dual core, memory, display resolution, input/outputs…. it is a VERY solid piece of hardware to debut the release of Honeycomb! It is certainly worth a premium… just not sure it can sell well in this market if it DOES cost a premium. I'm with you… $499.00 w/ contract.

  • brian

    Apple's iPad is already way over priced. Any other tablets need to be priced under the iPad for anyone to consider them. I think the Xoom should be $450.

    • Henry

      I think that even if the tablet did cost $1k, Verizon would subsidize it down to at least $499… And I would gladly pay as much as $600 for one!