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How to Stand Out in an Interview: Apps That Guide You

The worst part of any job is not the first day, but the interview, and there are those of us who struggle more than others. I have never been that great, as I always seem to forget key questions, and there is nothing like being caught off guard when the interviewer tries to spring a trick question on you. However, those looking for work now have the added advantage of using apps, which helps you to stand out in an interview.

I never had the advantage of apps or even the Internet when I first started work, so I had to rely on help from friends and family members – so just think yourself lucky with the huge number of apps available to you. Having looked on App Shopper we can see that there are all different types of applications just for this job – but choosing the right one is a task in itself.

Here are a few that we think you should consider; the first is one that I think you will warm to the most, as it is free. The ‘Job Interview Guide’ allows you to gain the advantage on some of the other people going for the same job – unless they have this app as well. The application comes with a quick reference guide as well as allowing you to share your tips with friends and family member son Facebook or email. More details can be found here.

‘Job Interview’ is another such app, and is said to be one of the best iPhone coaching tools when it comes to job interviews, but only you will be able to tell us if that is true or not. The price is $3.99 – but well worth the money. More details can be found on App Shopper.

Finally we have ‘Audio Job Interview Professional’, and for just $0.99 offers great value for money. This app was updated just two days ago, and allows you to record your interview. This is good for you to go over how you thought the interview went and maybe improve on key areas. More details.

What tips do you have for our readers when it comes to acing that job interview?



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