Facebook Ending March 15? Panic and Closing Controversy

Over the past day or so there has been a barrage of rumors suggesting that Facebook (which is valued at $33.7 billion) is to shut down and will be ending on March 15, 2011. As you would imagine this sent the Internet into a frenzy, with a huge percentage of the 500 million Facebook users fearing that they might have to find an alternative.

The panic and closing controversy has left some with confusion, and that is Facebook themselves. According to an article on Indian Express the Social network has denied such rumors, but that has still not stopped Facebook fans tweeting their fears on twitter. The Huffington Post noted that one Twitter users hoped that if Facebook were to close, then he did not want all those from the service spoiling things on the micro-blogging website.

As you would imagine a number of questions have already been put on Yahoo Answers. The most popular of those is ‘Facebook ending March 15th? True or not?’ It does seem as though we should take this rumor with a pinch of salt though, as looking on one of the answers it states that the website who started the whole Facebook closing rumor also said that Michael Jackson was spotted on the moon.

Debbie Turner from Online Social Media also states that we should not believe a word of it. The writer has even stuck her neck on the line – her words not mine – and said that Facebook is not going to shut down at all.

So do you buy into this panic and closing controversy?


  • cynthia

    Oh come on,Zuckerberg z being unrealistic,if he's tired I know a gazillion ppl who wud be more than happy to take over for him . . .he cnt just close facebook coz he's tired of making more money, he's just being selfish coz he's done making abt a bazillion dollars n now he wants to get back to his life. he can still do tht . . .facebook z the funnest way to get in touch with family n friends across every country!! come on!! seriously!!! he shud seriously consider the user's feelings n thoughts!! he shud be considerate to them . . .

    • Howard

      seriously are you like 12?
      who says a bazillion dollars?

      If you could read, the article says FB is valued at $33.7 BILLION.

    • jenna

      why do you type like that? it's very annoying


    that would really suck everyone i know uses facebook mark cant do this and theres so many videos on youtube about this rumor

  • Michele

    I only use FB for Farmville, anyway, and wouldn't mind if it shut down.


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