Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – New Info and Level Scaling Explained

By Tina Chubb - Jan 10, 2011

We last brought you news about the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game back in December 2010, when Bethesda confirmed that the game was indeed on its way. However, it appears that more details have now been made available, including an explanation into the level scaling.

According to a recent digitalspy.co.uk article by Matthew Reynolds (sourced from Game Informer), the upcoming role-playing title will be set 200 years after the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game, where dragons have come back and a civil war is occurring.

The enemies you’ll encounter in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will include wolves, dragons, giants, trolls and even giant spiders, which will all be scaled according to your level and other certain elements. The game will also feature sprinting, randomly-generated quests and a HUD-free first-person view.

As Anthony Taormina over at gamerant.com recently reported, Bethesda Softworks have taken the time to explain the level scaling in the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game. According to them, the level scaling in this game is similar to that of the Fallout 3 title.

You can read more about the level scaling here. How do you think the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game is shaping up?

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  • lolsforyou

    lol the elder are you fucking serious oh my lord lol are you ten oh my gosh lol you cant spell and i bet your character on oblivion is a fucking lvl 5 lol and learn to turn caps off lol im excitedfor this game….fuck off

  • jada

    haha ofcorse i wont buy it. after seeing "level scaling" i dont have to read anything more…

  • The Elders

    ALSO THE GAME DOS LEVEL UP WITH YOUR CHARACTERS BUT IT ALL MATTERS ON HOW YOU LEVEL UP.. YA IF YOU START THE GAME WITH A HIGH AGILITY AND SPEED YOUR GUNNA GET YOUR ASS KICKED! PUMP STATS INTO YOUR ENDURANCE RIGHT OFF THE HOPE MAKE YOUR ENDURANCE THE FIRST THAT GETS TO 100 cuz think of it your health gos up 10% of your ENDURANCE every time you level up and ya the enemies level up with you but thay stat up differently remember your geting a +5+5+5 every time you level up ya the games level up to BUT NOT THAT EFFICIENTLY.. Its all calculations when it comes to ELDER SCROLLS and you want them to dum it down ARE U guys HEARING YOUR SELFS right now!!

    • joe

      get a life and learn how to spell

    • matt

      hahaha if you don't like it mate don't buy it, nobody here will try and convince you to. continue to play oblivion. and stay away from skyrim.

  • The Elders

    ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW OBLIVION AND MORROWIND HAD THE MOST UNIQUE LEVELING SYSTEM IV EVER SEEN IN VIDEO GAMES YOU HAD TO THINK AND REALLY PUT TIME AND THOUGHT INTO YOUR CHARACTER is not like every RPG where all you do is kill enemies gain XP and level up NO!!! you have to wright your shit down and keep track of your majors and minors YOU HAVE TO DO MATH BUDDIE the leveling SYSTEM WAS SMART to get +5+5+5 on your main attributes EVERY TIME YOU LEVEL UP TOOK SKILL AND WAS ONLY FOR THE PROS I HAVE ALL MY MAIN ATTRIBUTES Like SPEED or STRENGTH at 100 befor i hit level 50!! i have a pad and pen next to me when im playing ELDER SCROLLS i ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE LEVELING SYSTEM… ps IF MORROWIND AND OBLIVION WOULD HAVE BEEN ONLINE YOU WOULD HAVE EASILY BEEN ABEL TO TELL THE PROS FROM THE NOOBS cuz sooooo many people think thay know elder scrolls when thay dont..WHAT ARE PEOPLE GUNNA ASK BETHESDA NEXT TO DUM DOWN THE ENCHANTING AND THE ALCHEMY CUZ PEOPLE DONT KNOW HOW TO WORK THE MAGNITUDE and DURATION AND BLAST THERE INTELLIGENCE to 1000 by drinking a potion or makeing spells that fortify speed 700 come on bethesda keep that UNIQUE LEVELING SYSTEM dont be like every other RPG PEOPLE LOVE YOUR GAMES

    • jezz

      pfff time and thought!?!?
      Congratulations! You learnt how to level up properly! so why all the SHOUTING? (at first I thought you were just trolling but now I'm not so sure.) You'd have to be a retard to not figure out easy exploits for these games
      …and morrowind was stupid! drink and make enough luck spells in the first three hours and you can make stupid potions that allow you to kill a god with one hit, sneak past people in the middle of daylight, and directly sell things back to people for more than you bought them for, just because you were friends.

    • mag

      you have to admit that it pissed you off when you were fighting a clanfear or something that just a level or two ago you could handle but now you have used up every potion and every drop of magic and stamina and still got your ass kicked…. just saying….

    • hey you realize that oblivion had level scaling as well right? Ever wonder why you would see random bandits running around in full glass armor later on in the game?
      Morrowind did not have this, and it made the game experience so much more emersive. You actually had to level up to meet a challenge, and at the end of the game, you actually feel like you are powerful. In oblivion you could beat the game by level 5. It saddens me to see that the elder scrolls games are being dumbed down and turned into half assed FPS games.