Camaro Outsells Mustang: Is Your Buying Decision Affected?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 10, 2011

When is comes to muscle cars the Ford Mustang has been the number one seller for the past 24 years, but that has now changed, as GM’s Chevy Camaro has now taken the top spot. We just wonder if this result will now affect your buying decision? There has to be a good reason why the result has changed?

The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro sold 81,299, whereas the 2010 Ford Mustang sold just 73,716, that’s a difference of 7,583. There were signs that General Motors were taking the fight to Ford in a scale much larger than before, this was ever since they redesigned the Camaro back in 2009.

This fight in the muscle-car market has been good for both Detroit automakers, but not for the Obama administration, as Keith Naughton from Bloomberg points to the fact that they have been wanting to steer American’s away from such cars and persuade them to go for more fuel- efficient vehicles.

According to an article on Daily Morning News sales were down for both the Mustang and the Camaro by 16 and 26 percent respectively. I am no genius, but one would presume that this had something to do with the build-up to the holiday season. However, they might have decided to wait for the Convertible version, which was on being displayed at the 2010 LA Auto Show back in November? Which of the two muscle cars would you now choose, please let us know below?

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