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PlayStation Phone: New Videos Show Game Demo

Don’t worry if you are feeling a little disappointed over the PlayStation Phone ‘no-show’ at CES 2011 so far, as the device has appeared in China, and we have a collection of new videos to show you, showing the device in it’s clearest reveal yet.

As reported from Engadget, the videos have surfaced from Chinese website IT168 and for the first time, they give us a taste of an actual 3D game running on the device. We do know that the game element of the device will be based on PSP1 tech, which should mean that the PS phone will definitely include some sort of PS1 emulator – this game looks to be Asphalt 5 doesn’t it?

The videos also confirm that the PlayStation Application on the device will be known as the ‘PlayStation Pocket’ and we get a good look at how the PlayStation Phone (Zeus Z1) compares alongside the Sony PSP Go, which probably hasn’t done as well as Sony had hoped for.

We’ll be bringing you a full list of specs for the PS Phone so far, later on. In the meantime, check out a video below and let us know your thoughts on them – the rest are over at Engadget. Are you still thinking of buying one of these, or are you going to wait for the PSP2 to be announced?



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