Mac App Store Problems: Are You Experiencing Any?

By Jamie Pert - Jan 7, 2011

It has now been roughly 24 hours since Apple launched the new Mac App Store, therefore we thought we would ask our readers whether they were experiencing any problems with the digital distribution platform as we are hearing quite a few reports of problems.

A recent Engadget article suggests that some Mac App Store users receive an error message which reads “unknown error occurred (100)” when first launching the store after installing the necessary update, you can see the exact error message below.

If you check out this Google Realtime link you can see a huge response on Twitter suggesting that some people are less than happy with the Mac App Store, that said other Tweets suggest that the service is great.

With millions of Mac users out there it is not surprising to hear that some users are experiencing problems, to be honest with you it sounds like an extremely small minority of people who are affected, however there are also a few niggling issues which are annoying consumers.

A recent PCWorld article takes a deep look at the Mac App Store and gives us some hands-on feedback, on the whole things seem fine, one small problem reported by Macworld’s Roman Loyola suggests that the Mac App Store has some problems recognizing software which is already installed, such as iWork ’09 and Evernote, however I would imagine that this could be smoothed out with a small software update.

An article posted on RevertToSaved is quite critical of the Mac App Store’s user interface, so much so that it makes the writer want to “kick a swan”, apparently the clarity is not great and the toolbar is poor, check out the article for yourself here.

We would love to receive some feedback from our readers, therefore feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Are you experiencing problems with the Mac App Store? Do you like the design?

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  • kfinati

    I am having the same problem as Jimmy Fashions

    "Whenever I click on 'Free' or 'Buy' and enter my AppleID details, nothing happens…

    The apps I've tried to get aren't in my Applications folder either. I've tried logging out and restarting my computer, as one forum suggested, but no luck. What's the beef?"

    • shughes

      im having exactly the same problem as you guys. it sounds like this latest update is having quite a few issues

    • Steve

      Me too

  • dallas

    As for problems i just wish everything was linked from mac computer apps to iphone apps. I bought a pinball game for the mac which is clearly on both the "app store" and on "itunes" and really wish it could be used for both the Mac and the iphone. That goes for all similar apps, they all should be interchangeable between the two.

  • manuel

    my just updated my software, but i cant seem to find the app store icon, not on my dock nor the apple on the corner of the screen. what can i do?

    • I have the same problem! I am running OS X Snow Leopard and have iOS 4.2 but I cannot find the Mac App Store icon anywhere. Please help!

  • Jimmy Fashions

    Whenever I click on 'Free' or 'Buy' and enter my AppleID details, nothing happens…

    The apps I've tried to get aren't in my Applications folder either. I've tried logging out and restarting my computer, as one forum suggested, but no luck. What's the beef?

  • Opocephalus

    Frankly, the entire OSX 10.6.6 upgrade appears to be a giant disaster. Forums are lighting up all over the planet and the App Store is but one of many glaring issues. Of the many things I had to contend with, the worst was the fact that my New Mac Mini's USB speed dropped from 480 Mbps down to 12 Mbps and nothing I could do or find was going to change it back. I resorted to restoring my entire Hard Drive from a Time Machine back-up to 10.6.5 and everything seems to be working fine. I think I'll wait for a stable release thanks all the same.

  • CoFuZeD

    Yup, I was just browsing through the MAS and then started working on something else… before I knew it… Aperture was INSTALLING on my computer!! I don't even recall LOOKING at the app in the store. and at NO time was I prompted for verification if I wanted to purchase the app (as it iTunes does)!!! What I found incredibly irritating is the fact that I cannot speak to a person for the refunding process, I have to go through their web system… which can take up to 48 hours!! FRUSTRATING!!!

  • Lex

    This App Store is going to be a PITA for Enterprise admins such as myself. We have users locked down so we don't have a flood of unapproved apps running on our machines. Some users can install apps for use under their Home folder such as Firefox. That doesn't require an Admin ID to install. Anything else that touches the /Applications, /Library, /System etc requires an Admin ID and PW. Once App Store has been installed and blessed once by an administrator, the user can go install any application they want. No questions asked (unless it's a pay app). That flies in the face of WHY an admin ID and PW are required to make changes. All it will take is some yahoo programmer that get their app past the sleeping guards at Apple that delivers a payload like a trojan or similar. We're running McAfee AV and it didn't seem to scan the downloaded file from the App Store. Many of our Mac users have an Apple ID that they already use in the iTunes store. Thats all thats needed once App Store has been blessed by an Admin to allow changes.

    • Jason Gaines

      Just stop the app store from opening by using managed preferences on OS X server. If you're not running OS X server for managed preferences you're arguably not really locking things down.

  • Bonnie Lemons

    I can’t get the app store icon, either in the doc or by clicking the apple logo at top left of my Mac Book. My software is up to date.

    • Kevin

      Same problem here

  • applemacfan

    well it never loads the 'front' picture / example page when you go into an app to have a look.

  • skip

    As for other issues, how about problems where you are being charged for a $99.99 app when you only click on the name to go and look at the information only to find that the application is in your download lineup and you've been charged for the application? Or the fact there are no accessible settings or preferences that can be modified? Nothing about "Are you sure you want to buy this app?" as with iTunes. Admittedly, Apple refunded my fee, but followed with do I need to be reminded of the terms and conditions of sale and that this was the last time they were going to do this. The error was on their side yet I was lightly reprimanded.

    • Jay

      You're not the only one. Seems to be happening to a lot of people. Just google Mac App Store Accidental purchase and you will see quite a few examples of it happening to other people.