CES 2011: Electric Ford Focus revealed

We are now seeing car manufactures investing heavily in electric and hybrid vehicles, as they think of different alternatives to the internal combustion engine. Nissan have shown us the Leaf, and Chevrolet has the Volt. Now Ford is joining the fray by showing off the Ford Focus Electric at the CES 2011 show.

Ben Wojdyla over at Popular Mechanics is reporting in an article what the all-electric car has to offer. Designed to be a vehicle you use around town it has a top speed of 84mph, which in its self is not very quick but for those daily commutes it will be ideal.

On the Focus dashboard are two 4.2 inch screens either side of a centrally mounded speedometer, on these drivers will be able to see battery charge remaining, range and other information to help you drive more efficiently.

There will also be information showing the driver how far they have left beyond the next charging point. Ford has teamed up with Best Buy, who can send out their Geek Squad to install an optional Leviton-sourced 240-volt–outlet charger. This will then achieve a full charge in three hours with a range of around 100 miles, without this the batteries will take a massive 16 to 20 hours to be fully charged.

The Electric Ford Focus is still in development but should become available by the end of 2011. As more of this type of vehicle finally hit the streets, and more charging points are installed in cities, a larger proportion of people might start seriously considering using electric over the petrol engine. One sticking point could be the initial cost of purchasing such cars.

Do you like the look of the Electric Ford Focus?


  • davidc

    This car looks ideal for daily commute. With the Nissan Leaf already sold out of its 20,000 copies in 2011, Ford will step up to the plate to offer their own version. One positive is the care is better looking than the Leaf, much better. I also like the 4 hour re-charge time because one never knows when an emergency hits or if your called back to work.


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