CES 2011: Nyko Unveils New Gaming Peripheral Line-Up

By Tina Chubb - Jan 6, 2011

There has definitely been no shortage of exciting announcements made at the CES 2011 event this week and if you’re a gamer like me, the recent Nyko unveiling may be of interest to you. The gaming peripheral manufacturer has just revealed its 2011 line-up, which includes a new Move gun.

According to a recent vg247.com article by Johnny Cullen, the new Nyko line-up includes a cooling fan for the Xbox 360 console, both the Raven Standard and Raven Alternative controllers for the PlayStation 3 and charging stations for the Xbox 360 and Move controllers.

The new PlayStation Move assault rifle – known as the “Power Shot for Move” – features a lightweight and ergonomic design for comfortable one-handed play. Although we don’t actually know a price at this stage, we do know that the “Power Shot for Move” will be released sometime in March.

As Darren Murph at engadget.com recently reported, the Raven Standard – which has exactly the same layout as the Sony controller – and the Raven Alternative (featuring an alternative configuration) controllers are available to buy in stores now, with both costing $34.99.

If you fancy buying yourself a charging station for your PlayStation Move controllers, then you may just like Nyko’s 2-port Charge Station for Move or the 4-port Charge Station Quad for Move. Both stations allow you to store and charge your Move and Navigation controllers at once.

The 2-port Charge Station is priced up at $19.99, while the 4-port is priced at $29.99. You can read the full list of Nyko products via engadget.com. Do any of these gaming peripherals take your fancy?

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