Samsung Unveils New SH100 Wi-Fi Enabled Camera

By Tina Chubb - Jan 5, 2011

Technology has definitely changed a considerable amount over the years, especially when it comes to photography and the cameras that are now available on the market. I mean nowadays, you can even purchase digital cameras that are GPS-enabled or Wi-Fi-enabled, such as the SH100.

According to a recent article by Rich Brome over at, Samsung has just unveiled the SH100 Wi-Fi-enabled digital camera, which users can remotely control using their Galaxy S smartphones. An app on their phone allows them to see a preview of the image they are about to take on their camera.

As mentioned over at, if users aren’t happy with the current image displayed, they can zoom in and out until they get the best shot. Once they get the best picture and are ready to pose, users can then activate the camera’s shutter remotely from their Samsung smartphone.

If they wanted to, users can even use the GPS on their handset to record exactly where they are when the photograph was taken. The Samsung SH100’s built-in Wi-Fi enables you to instantly upload any of your images onto social networking sites such as Picasa or Facebook.

The Samsung SH100 also features a 14.2-megapixel image sensor, Digital Image Stabilization, Face Recognition and DLNA compatibility. You can read more about the specs for the Samsung SH100 via The SH100 will be available from March, at a cost of $199.99.

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