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PS3 Hacked and Cracked: A Victory for Geohot and Homebrew Scene?

Just when you thought that the epic battle between Sony and the hacking community was coming to an end, infamous hacker George Hotz, more commonly known as Geohot, has once again given Sony a fresh headache.

You may remember that Geohot had been working on opening up the PS3 console for some time, and following on from Sony’s attempts to block the usage of PSJailbreak, Geohot has now managed to gain access to the PS3 root key, a code which will essentially allow full access to all of the system internals.

More importantly, we are hearing reports from MCV that this root key cannot be patched by Sony, meaning that a firmware update will not solve the problem. Has Geohot finally won the long-running battle against Sony?

This could now mean that the PS3 will follow the same fate as the orignal PSP, with numerous custom firmwares being made available, allowing users to play pirated games straight from the hard disk, or bypassing other securities on the system, such as allowing region-locked content (BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ITV Player) to play from any country in the world.

We’ve also found this useful article over at VG247 for you to read, which gives you a lot more implications on what could happen to the PS3 now that the root key is publicly available.

We want your thoughts on this. Are you happy that the console has been 100% hacked, or do you think this is a wrong move for the industry?



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