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Unclaimed Funds: Missing Money via iPhone

How many times have you been watching the news when you learn that there are billions of unclaimed funds not being claimed? You have to wonder how people do not have a clue about this missing money, but help is at hand. Who would have thought that you could locate some of that missing money by use of apps for Android and the iPhone?

Unclaimed Funds is an iPhone app that you will most certainly want on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, as this one could earn you money instead of costing. You could finally find out if the billions of dollars of unclaimed money is actually yours.

The app is said to be very easy to understand, so once you have done a search on yourself then there is nothing stopping you doing a search for your friends and family as well – well you could be related to someone who is about to come into a great deal of money. For more details visit the App Store.

We had assumed to find an app much the same for Android, but we have been unable to locate one. We were shocked to learn this, one would presume that app developers would want to offer users an Android option as well – after all they are now a major player.



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